Devin Haney should fight Shakur Stevenson at 135 says Buddy McGirt

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By Robert Segal: Trainer Buddy McGirt wants Devin Haney to enactment astatine 135 and combat Shakur Stevenson earlier helium moves up to 140. Buddy thinks that’s a bully combat for Haney (30-0, 15 KOs) to instrumentality to support learning and improving.

With that said, Buddy doesn’t deliberation the undisputed lightweight champion Haney volition bushed Shakur (20-0, 10 KOs) due to the fact that helium views the 2016 Olympic metallic medalist arsenic tied with Gervonta Davis astatine #1 successful the 135-lb division.

Haney showed successful his combat with Vasyl Lomachenko that he’s not an elite-level combatant astatine 135, but he’s inactive an A-level guy, but he’s not astatine the apical astatine this point.

The combat against Loma whitethorn person dented Haney’s assurance to specified an grade that helium volition veer distant from taking risky absorption for fearfulness he’ll commencement taking losses, and his quality to bring successful wealth volition rapidly driblet off.

Most would hold that Haney dodged a slug successful being fixed a arguable determination triumph Vasyl Lomachenko due to the fact that helium could person lost.

Had that happened, it would person been the opening of the extremity for Haney successful presumption of him being a marketable fighter. Haney isn’t going to privation to play with occurrence truthful soon by warring a endowment similar Shakur aft what helium experienced.

Mentally, Haney is going to dainty his combat with Lomachenko arsenic a loss, and similar astir fighters that lose, he’ll look to instrumentality a assurance booster against a weaker feline adjacent and enactment distant from risky absorption for a while.

Haney should combat Shakur

“I deliberation Haney should combat Shakur,” said Buddy McGirt to MillCity Boxing. “I spot Shakur winning. I deliberation Shakur is the champion astatine 135. Shakur has travel a agelong way, and he’s ever had the talent.”

Ideally, Haney should combat Lomachenko again, but won’t. If not him, it would beryllium an fantabulous PR determination connected Haney’s portion to amusement the boxing satellite that he’s not acrophobic of fighting, which means staying astatine 135 to look Shakur Stevenson.

“The occupation is he’s getting amended and better, and he’s going to go a feline that cipher wants to fight. He’s going to beryllium the Marvin Hagler of the 135-lb part that cipher wants to fight. He’s the existent deal,” said McGirt.

When you’re warring a feline similar Lomachenko, he’s special. So he’s going to exposure you nary substance who he’s fighting. It was a bully acquisition for Haney, warring a feline of that caliber due to the fact that round, helium was giving him antithetic looks.

“When helium got comfy with 1 thing, helium was coming with thing else.  It was a combat that Haney could spell disconnected of, but idiosyncratic from the apical 5 should measurement up and springiness Loma a changeable conscionable disconnected the contention of this fight. I deliberation it would beryllium a antithetic ballgame due to the fact that of the information that helium should person won oregon gotten draw.

I deliberation helium [Shakur] beats him [Lomachenko]. My 2 apical 135-pounders are Gevonta Davis and Shakur Stevenson. I deliberation Davis beats them,” said Buddy erstwhile asked however Gervonta would bash against Haney and Lomachenko.

The combat that should beryllium astatine 135 is Davis and Stevenson. That’s the combat I’d wage to spell see. The 1 I’d truly wage to spell spot is Tank Davis. I’d emotion to spot Haney and Shakur.

Stevenson volition instrumentality implicit astatine 140 soon

That Would beryllium a precise bully fight. He [Shakur] and Tank aren’t #1 and #2. They’re #1 and #1. They’re some the champion astatine 135, and I judge they tin instrumentality implicit 140 arsenic well. I judge Shakur is going to determination up and instrumentality implicit 140.

“Haney showed a batch successful the combat with Loma. As I said, helium went to school. The adjacent combat helium has, it’s not going to beryllium a Loma. The adjacent combat helium has is going to beryllium overmuch easier due to the fact that he’s been successful the heavy waters, and helium survived those heavy waters. So whoever fights Haney adjacent has got to beryllium connected his Ps and Qs.

“I’m definite helium took a batch from that fight, which is going to marque him a amended fighter. Whoever fights him adjacent has got to beryllium connected their A-game. If they’re connected their A-game, it’s going to beryllium interesting. If they’re not connected their A-game, Devin is going to bushed them,” said Buddy astir Haney.

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