Did Elon Musk Add a Pop Sound to Twitter's 'Like' Button?

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A tweet with the assertion attracted implicit 26,000 likes and implicit 821,000 views arsenic of this writing.


Elon Musk has added a popular dependable to the similar fastener connected Twitter.

On March 29, 2023, an relationship tweeted "BREAKING NEWS: Elon Musk has added a popular dependable to the similar button" with a bosom emoji. The relationship has a "parody" label.

The assertion is false. The similar fastener does not marque immoderate dependable erstwhile we deed it.

Moreover, a scan of Musk's Twitter provender and the authoritative Twitter Safety relationship showed nary specified summation to the similar fastener connected Twitter. Instead, the latest announcement from Musk is astir the accounts that would look connected the "For You" conception of one's Twitter feed. "Forgot to notation that accounts you travel straight volition besides beryllium successful For You, since you person explicitly asked for them," Musk tweeted connected March 28, 2023.

The satirical tweet connected March 29, 2023, came against the backdrop of the billionaire making respective announcements and promises since buying Twitter successful October 2022 for $44 billion. That takeover gave emergence to parodies and conspiracy theories. 

After buying Twitter, Musk announced galore changes. While helium has implemented immoderate of those announced changes, similar honoring the results of a canvass connected the level by reinstating the Twitter relationship of Donald Trump, helium has truthful acold not followed done connected acting connected different canvass result, this 1 connected stepping down arsenic CEO of Twitter

He besides flip-flopped connected on-again, off-again plans astir asking radical to wage for their verified bluish cheque aft imposters paid for verification successful the sanction of companies. One specified "verified" relationship also parodied Tesla, the electrical car institution owned by Musk, and started trolling the billionaire. The paid blue-check program is backmost connected again and facing absorption from celebrities and several quality organizations.

People person perpetually made amusive of the Twitter CEO and posted fake tweets impersonating him with an effort to satirize him oregon making announcements involving him, specified arsenic the assertion helium was going to bargain the General Motors company – conscionable similar the aforementioned tweet astir adding the popular dependable to the similar fastener connected the societal media platform.


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Damakant Jayshi is simply a fact-checker for Snopes, based successful Atlanta.

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