Did Trump Wish DeSantis 'Happy Pride Month' in Post With Homophobic Slur?

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The station allegedly came from the erstwhile president's societal media level Truth Social.


On the societal level Truth Social, erstwhile U.S. President Donald Trump posted "Happy PRIDE MONTH to the 'Governor' of Florida, Ron DeFAGGOT."



In aboriginal June 2023, tweets claimed to amusement a station from erstwhile U.S. President Donald Trump's relationship connected the Trump-owned societal media web Truth Social, wishing Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis a "Happy Pride Month" and referring to him by a homophobic slur arsenic a nickname. Both men are moving arsenic Republicans for president successful 2024.

But Trump ne'er made this statement, and it was ne'er posted connected Truth Social. At the clip of this reporting, the only Google result for the substance contained successful this station is to iFunny, a website that collects and archives net memes. 

The station does not presently look connected Trump's profile, nor does it look successful immoderate archived format. For these reasons, we complaint this assertion arsenic "False."


conservative. "Happy PRIDE MONTH to the 'Governor' of Florida, Ron De.. GOT! Donald J. Trump Q 542 2.23k 774" {fy See." iFunny, https://ifunny.co/picture/happy-pride-month-to-the-governor-of-florida-ron-de-LNqqafWYA. Accessed 5 June 2023.

KaoticLeftist. "Ron DeSantis Just Lost the Republican Primary." Twitter, https://twitter.com/KaoticLeftist/status/1665468381892411392. Accessed 5 June 2023.

Alex Kasprak is an investigative writer and subject writer reporting connected technological misinformation, online fraud, and fiscal crime.

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