Discover the French Alps during summer !

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Are you acceptable for an unforgettable escapade this summer?

Pack your bags and caput to the French Alps, wherever you tin acquisition the thrill of the mountains successful a full caller way. Ski resorts are nary longer conscionable for winter. They person transformed into summertime playgrounds, offering a assortment of activities for everyone.

Discover the French Alps during summertime  !

How astir paddling connected a crystal-clear water astatine 2100 metres supra oversea level, surrounded by majestic peaks? Or exploring a glacier connected foot, feeling the crystal crunch nether your boots? Or gazing astatine the stunning panorama of Mont Blanc and implicit 100 different mountains from 1 spot? These are conscionable immoderate of the astonishing things you tin bash successful the French Alps!

You mightiness deliberation that going to the mountains successful summertime is expensive, but deliberation again. You tin find unthinkable deals connected accommodation, overmuch cheaper than successful wintertime oregon connected the coast. You tin enactment successful a cosy chalet oregon a comfy edifice for arsenic small arsenic £85 per idiosyncratic per week!

Discover the French Alps during summertime  !

And don’t interest astir the crowds oregon the heat. The mountains are the cleanable spot to flight and relax. You tin respire successful the caller air, perceive to the birdsong, odor the wildflowers and sensation the section delicacies. You tin spot wildlife similar marmots and ibexes connected your hikes. You tin bask the quality of quality astatine each turn. The mountains volition enchant you with their magic.

Discover the French Alps during summertime  !

And if you’re looking for immoderate action, you won’t beryllium disappointed. The French Alps person thing for everyone, whether you’re into sports, civilization oregon wellness. You tin motorcycle down the slopes, alert successful the sky, sprout arrows, plaything play clubs, skis connected snowfall oregon water, paddle connected lakes oregon rivers, food for trout oregon conscionable chill retired with immoderate yoga. The champion portion is that you tin get entree to galore of these activities with a azygous card. For example, with the MyTignes card, you tin bask 7 days of amusive for lone £40! That’s a bargain you can’t miss.

Discover the French Alps during summertime  !

So what are you waiting for? Book your travel to the French Alps contiguous and get acceptable for an epic summer!

Where To Stay?

This year, our spouse Montagnettes is offering our readers a 30% discount until 11st of June with the codification WELCOMESUMMER23. 

Discover the French Alps during summertime  !

From 8 July to 2 September 2023, Montagnettes is opening 3 establishments successful the French Alps:

Le Hameau de la Sapinière successful Les Menuires (from £85/week/person)

Le Hameau du Kashmir successful Val Thorens (from £120/week/person)

Le Taos successful Tignes (from £130/week/person).

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