Dodge-Based Defender Prop Car From "Viper" TV Show Up For Sale

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A portion of tv past is up for auction, arsenic a Dodge Viper-based prop car from the deed 1990s amusement "Viper" is present up for bidding. This car is said to beryllium 1 of lone 14 examples of the fictional "Defender" vehicle, designed by Chrysler and built by Unique Movie Cars successful Las Vegas for usage arsenic main vehicles successful the show.

Constructed connected a stretched 1993 Dodge Viper RT/10 chassis, this Defender prop car features customized fiberglass coupe bodywork finished successful silver, giving it a sleek and futuristic appearance. Power comes from a carbureted Chrysler small-block V8 engine, which is paired with a 727 automatic transmission. The car besides boasts staggered-width wheels, power-assisted disc brakes with Viper-branded calipers, coilover suspension, power-assisted rack-and-pinion steering, and achromatic and grey leather interior upholstery.

Despite its awesome quality and unsocial history, this Defender prop car is being sold connected a measure of merchantability and is not titled oregon registered for thoroughfare use. Instead, it is being offered for off-road usage only, making it a cleanable summation to immoderate collection of movie oregon TV memorabilia.

During the filming of the show, this peculiar car was utilized arsenic a main car alternatively than for stunt enactment and was besides utilized for nationalist relations purposes. It features a scope of plan elements that springiness it a distinctive look, including a "double bubble" fixed extortion with simulated porthole windows, removable broadside windows affixed via Velcro, broadside pods beneath the doors, fang-style beforehand bumperettes, and dual rear-exit exhaust pipes with rectangular surrounds. However, it is worthy noting that this example's beforehand bumperettes and broadside pods are static, and the car does not person the functioning gadgets seen successful the enactment sequences of the show.

Inside the cabin, the car boasts bucket seats trimmed successful grey leather, color-keyed trim implicit the console, dash, and doorway panels, achromatic carpeting, a grey headliner, and a console-mounted array of 3 simulated monitors displaying static images of the fictional car's strategy diagnostics. The car is not equipped with spot belts, an HVAC system, oregon a radio.

Included successful the merchantability is simply a 1996 Paramount promotional booklet for the Viper TV amusement arsenic good arsenic a acceptable of formed photos, making this a must-have for immoderate instrumentality of the series. The existent bid arsenic of this penning is astir $80,000.

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