Don't be fooled, 'Green Energy' is neither green nor energy

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The "green energy" question claims that it wants cost-effective energy—affordable, reliable, plentiful—just without fossil fuels’ contamination oregon GHG emissions. But this is contradicted by its hostility toward clean, non-carbon atomic and hydro—the astir proven alternatives to fossil fuels.

You mightiness expect the "green energy" movement to beryllium the Number 1 protagonist of clean, non-carbon atomic and hydroelectric energy, but instead, it is the Number 1 opponent. "Green" groups person opposed atomic for decades (leading to crippling costs) and worked to unopen down hydroelectric dams. 

Why does the "Green" question reason atomic and hydro?

It is due to the fact that "green" star and upwind are conscionable truthful cost-effective and truthful "green"?


No. Solar and upwind person not proven to beryllium cost-effective astatine all, and successful galore ways, they are the slightest "green" signifier of energy.

"Green energy" isn’t truly energy

Calling star and upwind "green energy" makes them look similar different forms of energy, conscionable "green." But they’re not. All different forms of vigor supply reliable energy—real energy—whereas star and upwind are unreliable parasites of reliable energy.

Despite claims that star and upwind are rapidly replacing fossil fuels, they supply little than 5% of satellite energy—only electricity, one-fifth of energy—and, crucially, adjacent that tiny percent depends connected immense subsidies and reliable (mostly fossil-fueled) powerfulness plants. 

Calling star and upwind "green energy" makes them look similar different forms of energy, conscionable "green." But they’re not. All different forms of vigor supply reliable energy—real energy—whereas star and upwind are unreliable parasites of reliable energy.

Solar and wind’s basal problem is unreliability, to the constituent they tin spell adjacent zero astatine immoderate time. Thus, they don’t regenerate reliable power, they parasitize it. This is wherefore they request immense subsidies and wherefore nary grid is adjacent 50% star and upwind without immense parasitism connected reliable neighbors.  

The fashionable thought that we tin usage mostly oregon lone star and upwind with capable artillery backup is not being tried anyplace due to the fact that it’s economically absurd. Batteries are truthful costly that conscionable 3 days of planetary backup utilizing Elon Musk’s Megapacks would outgo $600 trillion, astir six times planetary GDP!  


"Green" star and upwind whitethorn someday go a portion of existent vigor solutions—if generators utilizing star and upwind are consenting to warrant reliability, alternatively of generating unreliable powerfulness and forcing everyone other to cleanable up their mess. But today's "green energy" is not existent energy. If star and upwind ever go genuinely cost-effective, you tin beryllium definite of 1 thing: the "green energy" question volition reason them arsenic insufficiently "green" fixed their immense "environmental impacts." 

"Green energy" isn’t truly green

If star and upwind became cost-effective and deployed connected a ample scale, they would person a level of "environmental impact" from mining and onshore usage that would marque the "green movement" reason them. In fact, this is already happening. "Green" means minimal oregon nonexistent "environmental impact."

Because sunlight and upwind are dilute sources of energy—they instrumentality up much abstraction and usage much of galore materials than fossil fuels oregon nuclear. This monolithic "environmental impact" is not astatine each "green."  

Consider the onshore usage requirements of solar. The satellite uses implicit 165,000 TWh of vigor per year, which requires ~19 cardinal kW of powerfulness connected average. An optimistic, real-world powerfulness density for star projects is 10 Watts per quadrate meter. To powerfulness the world, you’d request ~1.8 cardinal quadrate kilometers of star PV projects.  

If 1.8 cardinal quadrate kilometers of star panels doesn’t look similar much, enactment that it is much than each cities, towns, villages, and quality infrastructure combined (~1.5 cardinal quadrate kilometers).  

And this excludes the immense footprints of star and artillery mining, manufacturing, and transmission. Consider the mining requirements of solar, wind, and batteries. An International Energy Agency projection for a "net zero" script shows an summation successful mining and processing of minerals specified arsenic lithium, graphite, nickel, and uncommon earths by 4,200%, 2,500%, 1,900%, and 700% by 2040. 

Because "green energy" has truthful overmuch environmental impact, adjacent connected today’s tiny standard it faces immense "green" absorption to its onshore use, mining, and transmission-line-building requirements. For example, the Biden medication precocious unopen down a premier "green energy" mining tract successful Minnesota.  


If "green" star and upwind aren’t truly energy, and if they person truthful overmuch biology interaction that the "green" question opposes them successful practice, past wherefore does the greenish question truthful enthusiastically enactment them rhetorically? To fell its existent goal: radically reducing vigor use.

"Green"—"minimal quality impact"—is a fundamentally anti-energy idea. Energy is "the capableness to bash work," which means transforming—impacting—our environment. The much vigor we use, the much we alteration Earth, the much interaction we have. If you don’t privation america to interaction Earth you yet indispensable reason each signifier of energy.

The cardinal hostility of the "green" question to vigor explains wherefore passim its past it has ne'er supported current, cost-effective sources of vigor and lone "supported" imaginary sources of vigor that mightiness beryllium successful the future.

"Green" leaders supported nuclear—until it became cost-effective, astatine which constituent they demonized and criminalized it. "Green" leaders supported earthy gas—until it became cost-effective connected a planetary standard acknowledgment to shale vigor tech, astatine which constituent they demonized it arsenic "fracking."

Because the "green" question is anti-energy, immoderate enthusiasm its leaders explicit for fusion is phony; portion they whitethorn assertion to privation clean, cheap, abundant vigor earlier it exists, they volition not similar the interaction it has erstwhile it exists. And successful the past, greenish leaders admitted this.  


Amory Lovins, the person of the modern "green energy" movement, said successful the 1970s: "If you inquire me, it'd beryllium small abbreviated of disastrous for america to observe a root of clean, cheap, abundant energy, due to the fact that of what we would bash with it."  

The satellite needs to cull the "green" question and alternatively clasp a "human flourishing" question that embraces intelligent quality interaction connected Earth arsenic a bully thing. It's 1 that some embraces today’s astir cost-effective vigor sources—including fossil fuels—and is anxious to amended connected them.

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