Don't Buy 'The Last of Us, Part 1' on PC

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The Last of Us, and its consequent remasters, are fantabulous games. Naughty Dog created a communicative and satellite truthful compelling, not lone are we inactive talking astir it a decennary later, but a caller assemblage is doing the aforesaid successful the aftermath of the archetypal play of the critically acclaimed HBO adaptation. While the game’s caller accomplishment connected PC should be origin for celebration, it’s presently causing lone controversy. The bottommost line: You truly shouldn’t bargain The Last of Us, Part 1 connected Steam, astatine slightest for the clip being.

The crippled presently has a 33% support standing connected the integer gaming platform, which arsenic a Last of Us fan, is kinda nuts. It’s wholly other what I’d presume to spot from a classical that has seldom suffered a atrocious review. For context, connected Metacritic, antithetic ports of The Last of Us—playable connected the Playstation 3, PS4, and PS5—have scores ranging from 88% to 95%, and the PS5 mentation of The Last of Us Part 1 has 4.8 retired of 5 stars connected Amazon.

The contented isn’t that players are judging The Last of Us, Part 1 to beryllium a atrocious crippled connected its ain merits. However, the game’s port to PC is nether dense occurrence for its mediocre show and predominant crashes. One lone request scroll done the astir adjuvant Steam reviews to spot comments like:

  • “Crashes each 20 minutes. Game is severely optimized. Game looks large conscionable needs to beryllium amended optimized.”
  • “Wow this runs similar crap.”
  • “I waited for astir 2.5 hours for the crippled to physique shaders portion crashing successful the main paper each 5 oregon truthful mintutes [sic] - 1 of the astir frustrating experiences I’ve had with a game.”

It seems the responsibility is not necessarily’s Naughty Dog. Rather, the blames lies with Iron Galax, the developers who ported the crippled to PC. This isn’t the archetypal Sony larboard to look these types of issues, either—the PC versions of Horizon Zero Dawn and Uncharted were besides unsmooth to play compared to their PlayStation counterparts.

To beryllium fair, not each reappraisal is scathing, oregon adjacent highly critical. One reviewer adjacent offered a proposal to hole the problem: “For those radical who are experiencing crashes with a Nvidia GPU, delete your existent Nvidia operator and instal the Nvidia 522.25 mentation driver. Most unchangeable operator mentation of each time.”
We besides spot PC fans bragging astir their level of prime yet getting Sony exclusives: “Your Playstation console isn’t peculiar anymore. Now springiness maine Bloodborne.” If lone it ran fractional arsenic good arsenic it does connected PlayStation, possibly you’d person a point.

Of course, if The Last of Us, Part 1 did tally well, it’d beryllium an instant recommendation, adjacent astatine $70. But successful its existent state, it simply isn’t worthy your time. If you haven’t made the acquisition yet, hold until Iron Galaxy has sorted its crap out. Naughty Dog is connected the case, too, promising fans it is committed to fixing issues. If you already bought it and can’t instrumentality it, beryllium tight—hopefully, the problems volition beryllium fixed fast, truthful you tin really bask playing 1 of the champion video games of the past decade.

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