Eco-Friendly Luxe Bedding - SOCCO Living Unveils Eco-Friendly Luxe Bedding Collection (

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The caller postulation from SOCCO Living features 3 types of bedding options: Cotton Gauze, Pinstripe, and Stonewashed Linen.

The Cotton Gauze Bedding is made successful Portugal utilizing 100% Oeko-tex®-certified eco-friendly cotton. This reversible duvet screen and matching pillowcases are designed to supply timeless plan and eventual comfortableness with precocious standards of sustainability. It starts astatine $45 and it gives a luxurious makeover to the bedroom.

The Pinstripe Bedding is simply a blend of linen and cotton. It provides superior somesthesia regulation, keeping you chill successful summertime and lukewarm successful winter. The achromatic piping and classical pinstripes bring a timeless-yet-organic look to immoderate chamber decor. The suite starts astatine $65 and it's designed for maximum comfortableness and style.

The Stonewashed Linen Bedding is crafted successful France from the finest prime French flax. This bedding is pre-washed for eventual softness and comfort, and it offers a relaxed, casual look. It's prices alteration depending connected the items and sizes that you choose.

All the beddings are crafted with the artisan-forward plan doctrine that SOCCO Living has and it helps to supply exclusive, luxe bedding for their location SOCCO Designs collection.

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