Edinburgh Dry Slope Transformation

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One of the UK’s largest and longest established adust skis slope centres, presently known arsenic the Midlothian Snowsports Centre, has begun enactment to alteration it into a multi-outdoor escapade centre.

First established successful the aboriginal 1960s arsenic the Hillend skis slope, the announcement of a £13.8m translation of the tract to go Destination Hillend was archetypal announced successful 2019, with the required backing allocated by 2021.

Along with its existing skis slopes, erstwhile completed successful 2025, the centre volition person 1 of the UK’s fastest zip wires, reaching speeds of up to 50 kilometres an hr and tenders person besides been invited for Scotland’s archetypal alpine coaster, which could beryllium taking its archetypal passengers by aboriginal 2024.

Edinburgh Dry Slope Transformation

Destination Hillend

Work is present getting underway connected a caller entree road, car parkland and landscaping arsenic portion of  Midlothian Council’s ambitious Destination Hillend project.

Council Leader Councillor Kelly Parry and the Cabinet Member for Economic Development, Councillor Colin Cassidy visited the tract precocious to perceive much astir advancement connected transforming Midlothian Snowsports Centre into a multi-activity, year-round leisure attraction.

“Seeing the bulldozers connected tract moving connected each the required civilian engineering is truthful breathtaking and truly brings it location that Destination Hillend is connected way to beryllium afloat unfastened by 2025,” said Councillor Parry, adding, “We’re assured the breadth and prime of the activities and the unsocial determination volition summation visitant figures from astir 139,000 a twelvemonth to an estimated 485,000.”

Edinburgh Dry Slope Transformation

A caller junction volition supply enabling infrastructure for a caller edifice and Pentland Bike Trail centre connected neighbouring sites, portion the updated roadworthy volition let coaches and buses to driblet radical disconnected close extracurricular the main entrance. Meanwhile an expanded and improved car parkland volition person spaces for much than 400 vehicles.

Destination Hillend volition besides connection indoor brushed play and climbing, shops and a high-quality nutrient court, each housed successful a modern, energy-efficient building, which volition beryllium afloat accessible by bus. The readying exertion for the gathering has been submitted and is apt to beryllium determined successful precocious June.

“We’re looking guardant to welcoming radical from crossed the UK and beyond, putting Destination Hillend firmly connected the representation portion generating much than £1 cardinal of income annually to walk connected assembly services,” Councillor Parry concluded.

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