Eight bodies found in St Lawrence River near US-Canada border

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Police hunt  the marshland wherever  bodies were recovered  successful  Akwesasne, Quebec, Canada March 31, 2023.Image source, Reuters

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Police said 1 of the bodies recovered successful the marshland was that of a kid nether the property of three

By Nadine Yousif

BBC News, Toronto

Two families from Romania and India were recovered dormant successful the St Lawrence River by Canadian constabulary adjacent the US-Canada borderline connected Thursday, with 1 babe inactive missing.

Six bodies were recovered by police, who said the families were apt trying to participate the US illegally.

They were recovered precocious Thursday day successful a marsh adjacent an overturned boat, authorities said.

A hunt of the country is ongoing to find the missing infant.

Police said the archetypal assemblage was recovered astir 17:00 section clip (21:00 GMT) successful a marsh successful Tsi Snaihne successful Akwesasne, a Mohawk territory located close betwixt the US-Canada border.

The different bodies were past recovered nearby. Their identities person not yet been released by police.

"The six individuals are believed to beryllium from 2 families, 1 of Romanian descent and the different believed to beryllium citizens of India," Lee-Ann O'Brien, lawman main of Akwesasne Mohawk Police Service, told reporters successful a quality league connected Friday.

"Police judge 1 babe from the Romanian household has not been located and we'll proceed searching," she added.

"All are believed to person been attempting amerciable introduction into the US from Canada."

Police said 1 of the bodies recovered was that of a kid nether the property of three.

According to Canadian quality outlets CBC and CTV, the kid was recovered with a Canadian passport and was a subordinate of the Romanian family.

Both outlets besides reported that the bodies were recovered aft members of the Canadian subject spotted an overturned vessel nearby.

Authorities astatine the clip were conducting a hunt for a missing boater successful the area, 30-year-old Casey Oakes. Police said it is unclear whether determination was immoderate transportation betwixt Mr Oakes and the families, and Mr Oakes remains missing.

The bodies were recovered successful the Quebec country of Akwesasne, a Mohawk assemblage whose territory includes parts of Ontario, Quebec and New York State. It is located astir 120 km westbound of Montreal.

Bodies of radical attempting to transverse into the US from Canada person been recovered astatine different locations successful caller months.

In January, constabulary successful Canada found the bodies of 4 people, including an infant, successful a snowfall tract adjacent Emerson, Manitoba, by the US-Canada border. The dormant are believed to beryllium a household from India, US officials said.

A Montreal antheral was besides recovered dormant adjacent the US-Canada borderline successful December. Fritznel Richard, 44, was trying to transverse into the US to reunite with his woman and child.

US borderline agents person noted an uptick of radical crossing back from Canada.

In January, US Border Patrol apprehended 367 people attempting to transverse northbound to southbound - much than the fig of specified crossings successful the past 12 years combined.

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