Enzo Biochem says ransomware attack exposed clinical test data of 2.5 million patients

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Enzo Biochem, a New York-based biotechnology company, has confirmed that a ransomware onslaught exposed the objective trial accusation of astir 2.5 cardinal patients.

Enzo, which manufactures and sells DNA-based tests to observe viral and bacterial diseases including COVID-19 and cancer, confirmed successful an SEC filing this week that it experienced a ransomware onslaught connected April 6. While it was capable to stay operational by disconnecting its systems from the internet, Enzo said it discovered connected April 11 that hackers were capable to entree and exfiltrate delicate information from the company’s systems.

This includes objective trial accusation of 2,470,000 individuals and astir 600,000 Social Security numbers, according to Enzo. The institution added that it continues to analyse whether its employees’ accusation whitethorn person besides been accessed.

“The Company remains taxable to risks and uncertainties arsenic a effect of the incident, including arsenic a effect of the information that was accessed oregon exfiltrated from the Company’s network,” Enzo CEO Hamid Erfanian said successful the SEC filing. “Additionally, information and privateness incidents person led to, and whitethorn proceed to pb to, further regulatory scrutiny. The Company is successful the process of evaluating the afloat scope of the costs and related impacts of this incident.”

Enzo did not uncover however it was compromised oregon whether it received a ransom request from the hacking radical responsible, and institution spokesperson Lynn Granito did not instrumentality TechCrunch’s petition for comment. At the clip of writing, it doesn’t look immoderate well-known ransomware radical has claimed work for the attack.

Enzo Biochem is the latest successful a agelong enactment of aesculapian companies to acquisition a breach of delicate information successful caller months. PharMerica, 1 of the largest pharmacy work providers successful the United States, confirmed successful May that hackers had stolen the idiosyncratic information of 5.8 cardinal existent and deceased individuals, including Social Security numbers and medicine and wellness security information.

Earlier this week, Managed Care of North America (MCNA) Dental — one of America’s largest dental wellness insurers — confirmed that the idiosyncratic accusation of astir 9 cardinal individuals had been compromised pursuing a ransomware onslaught connected its systems.

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