Ex-Bills punter Matt Araiza sending new piece of evidence to NFL teams in hope of return: report

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Ex-Buffalo Bills punter Matt Araiza is hoping that the audio signaling of a Dec. 7 gathering with the pistillate accusing him and 2 of his erstwhile San Diego State shot teammates of gang-rape and a San Diego County authoritative volition pb an NFL team to motion him erstwhile more. 

His accuser is hoping for the nonstop opposite, arsenic she wants accountability for the actions she knows Araiza and his erstwhile teammates committed astatine a party connected SDSU’s campus successful October 2021. 

USA TODAY Sports spoke with some Araiza and the pistillate astir the 101-minute audio signaling of the prosecutor, Deputy Districty Attorney Trisha Amador, telling the pistillate and her lawyer that nary transgression charges would beryllium filed against Araiza oregon his erstwhile teammates pursuing their 124-day probe that included 4 terabytes of data, much than 35 taped witnesser interviews, a carnal exam of the pistillate and 9 video clips of the woman’s intersexual encounters that night. 


Matt Araiza astatine  San Diego State

Matt Araiza #PK01 of the San Diego State Aztecs speaks to reporters during the NFL Draft Combine astatine the Indiana Convention Center connected March 5, 2022 successful Indianapolis, Indiana. (Michael Hickey/Getty Images)

"I don’t deliberation it exonerates anybody," the pistillate said astir the signaling of her and Amador, via USA TODAY Sports

On the different broadside of the civilian suit that continues to spell on, Araiza and his agent, Joe Linta, judge it is capable for NFL teams to see his punting services again. The Bills, aft selecting him successful the sixth circular of past year’s NFL Draft, released him earlier the play began. He had won the punting occupation during the preseason. 

Linta has sent the audio signaling to "about 20 NFL teams" to get his client’s vocation backmost connected track. 

"I cognize the teams cognize the existent facts," Araiza told USA TODAY Sports. "They’ve heard the audio. They cognize this isn’t true. It’s that we request the nationalist to recognize arsenic well. Because I deliberation teams person a fearfulness that if they motion me, determination volition beryllium a small spot of backlash due to the fact that the nationalist has been told things that aren’t true."


To interruption down the case, prosecutors had to recreate the timeline of that night, wherever the woman, who was 17 years aged astatine the clip and claims she was heavy intoxicated, was allegedly raped. 

One of the biggest pieces of grounds they recovered was that Araiza had allegedly near the location enactment astir 12:30 a.m., and prosecutors determined that the alleged rape of the pistillate occurred an hr later. 

"He wasn’t adjacent astatine the enactment anymore," Amador told the woman, via Yahoo Sports. "All I cognize is that astatine that point, fishy Araiza is gone from the party." 

There were besides video clips of the intersexual encounters the pistillate had that night, including 1 that seemingly showed 2 men successful a bedroom. Other video clips showed Araiza’s teammate, Pa’a Ewaliko, connected a sofa successful the surviving country during a abstracted intersexual encounter. 

While determining nary of the men shown were Araiza successful immoderate of the video clips based disconnected carnal traits, prosecutors did not spot immoderate impervious of unit oregon deficiency of consent from the woman. 

"Because of what’s successful the video, I can’t beryllium a forceable intersexual assault," Amador told the woman. 

Matt Araiza running

Matt Araiza #19 of the Buffalo Bills takes the tract during signifier connected August 05, 2022 successful Orchard Park, New York. (Joshua Bessex/Getty Images)

One of the witnesses – friends of the pistillate were included successful the witnesser interviews -- besides mentioned that the pistillate was approaching men astatine the party, saying "I privation you to [expletive] maine and if you don’t [expletive] maine you’re a [expletive]."

"It's alleged that 1 of those radical that you approached was Pa'a and made that connection to Pa'a, and that is thing that was heard by a abstracted autarkic witness," Amador said.

The pistillate said she had "no recollection" of asking for sex, yet Amador said witnesses heard differently. 

"The witnesses say…that soon aft you arrived astatine the party, you near and came backmost soon thereafter. And you told [a friend], ‘I conscionable had sex,’" Amador said to the girl, via Yahoo Sports. "You didn’t look unhappy. You appeared to beryllium having amusive and that the brushwood connected the broadside of the location with Matt, fishy Araiza, was consensual."

In the incidental with Araiza, helium admitted having enactment with the pistillate that nighttime during a telephone that was recorded by constabulary a fewer days pursuing the party. The incidental occurred connected the broadside of the location successful a backstage area. He said helium ne'er went wrong the house, fto unsocial threw her connected the furniture face-first similar the civilian suit states. 

"We had a little brushwood and it is perfectly not however it’s been portrayed successful the media oregon the lawsuit," Araiza told USA TODAY Sports. 


Another ample portion of this lawsuit is the pistillate being 17 years aged astatine the clip of the incident, and whether Araiza and his teammates knew that she was underage. 

"A witnesser who was successful the location gave a connection saying that astatine – astatine slightest 1 constituent successful the party, that you made a connection telling radical astatine the enactment you were 18," Amador told the girl. "Another witnesser astatine the party, a antithetic one, says that they specifically heard you accidental you were 18…"

The woman's suit says that she "informed Araiza that she attended Grossmont High Schook," which would bespeak that she was not 18. However, Amador mentioned that portion of the suit during the audio recording, and the pistillate denied saying that. 

"No. that was not me," she replied. 

Grossmont could besides beryllium successful notation to Grossmont College, which is not acold from SDSU’s campus. 

"I didn’t accidental my property astatine each and cipher asked me," the pistillate told USA TODAY Sports. "Matt didn’t inquire me. None of the guys asked me. Nobody astatine the enactment asked me, truthful I conscionable wasn’t prompted and I didn’t answer."

Matt Araiza points away

FILE - Buffalo Bills punter Matt Araiza waves to fans aft a preseason NFL shot crippled against the Indianapolis Colts successful Orchard Park, N.Y., Saturday, Aug. 13, 2022.  (AP Photo/Adrian Kraus, File)

Finally, the intoxication level of the pistillate could not beryllium determined by prosecutors, which the pistillate didn’t like. 

"Oh, that’s [expletive], like, that you can’t beryllium immoderate of that," she said aft Amador explained the situation. 

Araiza besides noted ne'er giving the pistillate a portion that nighttime and that she didn’t look intoxicated to him. The pistillate claims she was drinking from a vessel of vodka that night. 

"You’re described arsenic being OK, not frightened oregon distraught," Amador explained to her. "Seemed happy, seemed consensual. And there’s nary denotation that you were astatine an intoxication level astatine this point."


The woman’s lawyer Dan Gilleon told Fox News Digital that helium has nary occupation taking the lawsuit to proceedings wherever "we’ll unit Araiza to talk."

"Team Araiza continues to litigate the lawsuit successful the media due to the fact that they cognize the accusation they're leaking has nary relevance whatsoever to the lawsuit," Gilleon said. "Matt Araiza volition formal up successful a suit and necktie for tv crews astatine a meaningless tribunal hearing, but helium won't talk to the media similar Jane Doe has and volition proceed to do. The archetypal clip Araiza had a accidental to archer his broadside of the communicative was erstwhile helium was contacted by the police. He took the fifth, asserting his close not to incriminate himself. Since then, helium has remained soundless arsenic his attorneys leak irrelevant accusation to the media and onslaught the victim, seemingly reasoning that she'll beryllium bullied into dropping her case. It's not going to happen. This lawsuit is going to trial, and we’ll unit Araiza to talk."  

He besides confirmed a study to USA TODAY Sports that helium offered to settee the lawsuit for Araiza astatine $50,000, which was refused. 

"Settling is admitting guilt," Araiza noted. "That’s not the truth. That’s not what happened."

Matt Araiza connected  the sideline

FILE - Buffalo Bills punter Matt Araiza walks connected the sideline during the archetypal fractional of a preseason NFL shot crippled against the Indianapolis Colts successful Orchard Park, N.Y., connected Aug. 13, 2022. (AP Photo/Adrian Kraus, File)


Evaliko faces a abstracted transgression complaint of kid pornography possession aft constabulary recovered video clips connected his iCloud relationship during their investigation. He has since pleaded not guilty. 

Civil lawsuits are besides pending for Araiza, Ewaliko and different erstwhile teammate, Zavier Leonard. 

Scott Thompson is simply a sports writer for Fox News Digital.

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