Executive Spotlight: Best Podcasts For Professional Development

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When it comes to nonrecreational development, determination are galore resources you tin usage to get to the adjacent level successful your career. Courses, online trainings, books, and podcasts are the astir fashionable for their accessibility and effectiveness. Podcasts specifically are large resources for engaged professionals looking to make their careers due to the fact that they are convenient and tin beryllium listened to connected the spell oregon portion multitasking.

We precocious asked our executives for their champion podcast recommendations for nonrecreational development.

Here are their responses...

John Schembari, Senior Education Executive

I americium fortunate successful that determination are galore prime niche podcasts successful my tract of teaching, leading, and learning. One of my favorites is Cult of Pedagogy due to the fact that the topics are applicable crossed the scope of K16 acquisition (i.e., strategies that tin beryllium rapidly implemented the adjacent time successful astir classrooms).

I deliberation the bigger question, fixed however galore prime podcasts determination are crossed industries and due to the fact that they thin to beryllium ethereal, astatine slightest successful my field, is "what TYPE of podcast bash I similar for nonrecreational development?"

I look for the pursuing successful a podcast for nonrecreational development:

  1. An casual takeaway - thing that I tin instantly usage successful my practice.
  2. Podcast guests/hosts with whom I tin connect/are approachable.
  3. Podcasts that supply applicable resources for further information.
  4. Podcasts that notation different podcasts successful the abstraction - collaboration not competition.
  5. Podcasts that are focused connected a circumstantial taxable per episode.
  6. Podcasts that are conversations, not monologues.
  7. Podcasts that mightiness person maine arsenic a aboriginal guest.

John Schembari is simply a existent K-12 teacher/school person world betterment manager and erstwhile schoolhouse gathering and territory administrator. He loves to draw, travel, plaything dance, and work nonfiction.

Percy Leon, Digital Media Content Executive

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There are 2 podcasts that I perceive to arsenic a creator. The archetypal is the Think Media Podcast, presented by institution owners and integer selling specialists Sean Cannell and Heather Torres. It is simply a fantastic assets for anybody looking to summation their online beingness and concern utilizing these strategies.

With an accent connected YouTube selling and different related topics including societal networking, podcasting, and email marketing, this programme gives insightful proposal and suggestions for some opening and seasoned artists.

For the astir caller accusation astir integer marketing, listeners whitethorn find it successful the Think Media Podcast, which contains conversations with palmy entrepreneurs and contented creators.

The Creator Economics podcast is the 2nd 1 that I regularly perceive to. Reed Duchscher and Blake Robbins served arsenic the hosts.

Reed is simply a businessman, the CEO of Night Media, a endowment manager for well-known artists including Mr. Beast, Typical Ganer, and Preston, arsenic good arsenic a keynote speaker.

Blake is simply a VC astatine Ludlow Ventures. Blake Robbins is the idiosyncratic liable for making 100 Thieves 1 of the biggest eSports brands ever created.

Creator Economics offers adjuvant proposal and insights for originative professionals looking to physique palmy professions and enterprises.

Because of Reed's acquisition arsenic an entrepreneur, endowment manager, and keynote speaker, the podcast addresses a assortment of topics, including branding, marketing, pricing strategies, and gathering a assemblage of fans and supporters.

The programme has discussions with palmy originative entrepreneurs and idiosyncratic development.

Percy Leon is simply a integer media contented shaper specializing successful acquisition exertion and entertainment. He is funny successful web3, metaverse, and the usage of virtual world for storytelling.

Michael Willis, Sports Business Operations Executive

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Outside of the Executive Table Talk with Work It Daily, my favourite nonrecreational podcast is with Kelly Merbler. Her podcast is called Coffee with Kelly.

Coffee with Kelly meets each Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 9:00 a.m. Occasionally the meetings are connected Fridays astatine 11:30 a.m. to accommodate immoderate West Coast attendees.

Kelly Merbler started this podcast 3 years agone to respond to the federation closing owed to COVID-19. The telephone began with 5 women looking to enactment connected during this nationalist shutdown.

The Friday calls person swelled to implicit 80 attendees. There are women and men from assorted walks of life. They are besides reaching respective countries.

Kelly besides has a Slack transmission to way podcast records, a occupation board, past and upcoming events, etc.

I can’t precisely retrieve however I met Kelly—both of our moms passed distant from Alzheimer’s. At Christmas time, she goes to the nursing location wherever her parent stayed and visits with each the patients. These visits adhd smiles and laughter to galore patients.

By trade, Kelly is simply a person improvement advisor and a motivational talker who tin rally immoderate crowd. The podcast topics scope from impermanent motivational speakers who person started a concern to occupation hunt ideas.

I emotion Kelly Merbler for her vigor and emotion of people. Her bosom is successful a beauteous place. I americium arrogant to beryllium portion of her tribe!

Michael Willis has 18+ years of acquisition moving with accounting & sports organizations and has managed P&Ls of $10M - $125M+ with budgets of $3M-$50M+. He worked for the NFL for 22 1/2 years, chiefly with the crippled officials moving connected the financial/accounting broadside of the business.

Georgia Musgrave, Vice President Strategic Initiatives

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Are you wondering wherever each the endowment has gone?

Are employees leaving your company?

Do your occupation openings pull funny and experienced candidates?

Listeners funny successful recruiting, endowment development, retention, leadership, and organizational civilization should tune into Revolutionizing Recruitment: The Art of Attracting, Acquiring and Retaining Talent.

Recruiting endowment is much than simply uncovering large employees. Join Kathleen Duffy, a revolutionary recruiting visionary and laminitis of Duffy Group, Inc. arsenic she talks to the champion successful the industry. Past guests person included Chief People Officer astatine Intel Christy Pambianchi, the Global Head of Talent Acquisition astatine Spotify Jon Singel, SHRM CEO Johnny Taylor Jr., and New York Times best-selling writer Marcus Buckingham.

If you’re searching for a strategical and collaborative attack to uncovering hidden talent, Revolutionizing Recruitment is the podcast for you.

Georgia Musgrave is the VP of Strategic Initiatives astatine Duffy Group. She educates leaders connected the worth of "passive talent" arsenic a means of attracting the champion quality superior to their company.

Mark Taylor, Product & Operations Executive

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Heroic with Brian Johnson.

That being said, the regular podcast, which consists of what Brian calls “+1s,” is the extremity of the iceberg.

Many idiosyncratic and nonrecreational improvement podcasts look to dwell of disparate “techniques” that are shared with listeners arsenic ways of solving beingness oregon concern challenges connected a tactical basis.

Brian is, successful the truest consciousness of the word, a philosopher (i.e., 1 who some studies “philosophy” but besides implements it connected a minute-to-minute basis). As such, alternatively than simply throwing ideas retired arsenic regular “+1s,” he’s combined these and the different accusation helium has distilled from a gamut of past and modern-day ways of reasoning into an integrated doctrine of his ain (see his website heroic.us).

As idiosyncratic who seeks retired practicality, “adult” wisdom, and things that are “fit for purpose,” I find it to beryllium an exceptionally utile root of—dare I accidental it—enlightenment.

Mark Taylor has 20+ years of risk, technology, and merchandise absorption acquisition moving successful planetary and determination fiscal services firms successful the UK and the U.S. He's managed teams of 40+, successfully addressed 100+ regulatory issues, and has saved companies $15M+.

What bash you deliberation are the champion podcasts for nonrecreational development? Join the speech wrong Work It Daily's Executive Program.

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