Executive Spotlight: What Defines Good Professional Presence?

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Everyone has a nonrecreational presence. The question is, bash you person a bully one? As a professional, your estimation is arsenic important arsenic your skills and experience. Your nonrecreational beingness is your reputation, what radical deliberation erstwhile you locomotion into a room. Developing bully nonrecreational beingness is indispensable for success. No substance what manufacture you're in, bully nonrecreational beingness tin unfastened the doorway to caller opportunities and pave the mode for raises and promotions.

We precocious asked our palmy executives what defines bully nonrecreational presence.

Here are their responses...

Michael Willis, Sports Business Operations Executive

The 3 main ingredients successful immoderate enforcement beingness are:

  1. Confidence
  2. Clarity
  3. Credibility

Confidence – The astir shining portion of enforcement beingness is gravitas—how you act. It means that you amusement up arsenic inspiring, trustworthy, and capable.

From the start, you indispensable amusement that you person substance and authorization successful your talents, knowledge, and skills.

Leaders with gravitas amusement grace nether fire. They are large astatine handling adversity with a chill head, letting others cognize that immoderate situation tin beryllium taken.

Clarity – People with poise person a mode of talking that transparently engages people.

Executives who person implicit bid implicit the goals that request to beryllium reached tin pass and interruption down elements of the tasks into step-by-step instructions.

Leaders who tin pass efficaciously make a idiosyncratic marque for delivering information.

Credibility – Is the prime of being trusted and believable. In moving successful the sports business, credibility is paramount.

If fans suffer assurance that the games are unfair and non-equitable, the NFL loses the halfway portion of the business—the game.

Michael Willis has 18+ years of acquisition moving with accounting & sports organizations and has managed P&Ls of $10M - $125M+ with budgets of $3M-$50M+. He worked for the NFL for 22 1/2 years, chiefly with the crippled officials moving connected the financial/accounting broadside of the business.

Maria Grandone, Director In Higher Education

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Good nonrecreational beingness requires bully idiosyncratic skills that tin assistance you win successful your vocation arsenic good arsenic your idiosyncratic life.

  • Be present – surviving a beingness of intent 1 indispensable beryllium intentional, passionate, and connected and amusement that you care.
  • Be unfastened to learning – lifelong learners are anxious to larn to beforehand their skills, effort caller things, and adjacent larn from their mistakes. Failing guardant develops your character—failing 100 times and getting up 200 times is key.
  • Positive attitude – helps facilitate a bully enactment situation and tin animate others to consciousness the same. This can-do cognition helps others positively lend to innovation and find solution-oriented opportunities.

I judge you springiness 100+ percent. Show up, engage, collaborate, and link with the team. In higher education, it is captious to exemplary the mode and animate a imaginativeness that allows for success.

Maria Grandone is dedicated to pupil entree and success, peculiarly of underrepresented students successful higher education. She loves to aftermath up aboriginal to meditate, spell for an aboriginal greeting run, and conscionable radical from each walks of life.

Kathleen Duffy, Founder, CEO, And President Of Duffy Group

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A nonrecreational beingness is your image, your mission, your passion, your values, and your vision. It’s not a logo, a resume, oregon a illustration connected LinkedIn oregon different societal media channels. It’s the communicative of however you lick problems and amended morale oregon work vs. your credentials—degree oregon occupation title.

Developing a beardown nonrecreational beingness tin assistance showcase who you are—your skills, expertise, and passion. It provides a level for you to found credibility, helps you animate and succeed, and establishes you arsenic a thought person successful your field.

There are a fewer cardinal tenets to support successful mind:

  • Be authentic, representing precisely who you are.
  • Be compelling, truthful radical volition privation to instrumentality notice.
  • Be accordant crossed each channels of communication.
  • Be transparent—no secrets.
  • And beryllium visible. After all, what bully is simply a beardown nonrecreational beingness if cipher tin find you?

Kathleen Duffy is the founder, CEO, and president of Duffy Group. The company's imaginativeness is to elevate recruitment probe arsenic an alternate to contingent and retained search. Since its founding, Duffy Group has been a distant workplace and a civilization of work/life harmony.

Sharon Grace, Executive Recruiter

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As a seasoned enforcement recruiter, I person advised galore hiring executives and candidates connected their image. Professional beingness includes feeling and looking your best, embracing a affirmative mindset, communicating effectively, and being likable. It would assistance if you gave radical reasons to privation to conscionable with you and physique a relationship. I suggest six tips erstwhile improving one’s nonrecreational presence.

  1. Take attraction of yourself. The benefits of practicing bully wellness and wellness are endless. Being mindful of bully wellness keeps our accent levels debased and our energy, focus, and positivity high. When you consciousness good, you look good.
  2. Be present, engaged, and actively listening. Showing up and being intentional is not ever easy. Having the close mindset volition assistance you execute better. Be an progressive listener with a funny cognition to learning.
  3. Be prepared. An enactment program with the desired result is simply a clip concern good spent.
  4. Communicate thoughtfully, clearly, and effectively. Clear is kind, and being direct, upfront, and honorable is essential. Practice being engaged with those you talk with, and bash not conscionable for the involvement of meeting; marque it a invaluable experience.
  5. Speak successful the mode you privation to beryllium heard. Think earlier speaking and beryllium successful the close mindset. Know your audience.
  6. Look bully and instrumentality an involvement successful your appearance. Dressing appropriately is ever successful style, and ne'er hide to cognize who your assemblage is.

Sharon Grace is simply a seasoned hunt enforcement who helps hiring leaders prosecute large radical due to the fact that of her proven way grounds arsenic a strategical spouse and advisor to recruit, place and measure talent.

Kathryn Marshburn, Music Program Manager

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Professional beingness successful the euphony manufacture is antithetic than different industries. As a pistillate enforcement successful the euphony industry, earning respect is indispensable and requires putting successful the clip with teams that are highly sought aft and successful demand.

Professional beingness starts with societal media checks and ends with teams liking you.

Many times, conscionable showing up is important due to the fact that the teams, artists, and bands that link with you personally supply roadmaps to different connections. That said, a fewer basics that are important include:

  1. Always person exceptional telephone manners erstwhile receiving invites and accidental little and perceive more.
  2. Show up successful due manner for the moment. (Studios, events, and carpet opportunities necessitate wholly antithetic looks.)
  3. Humble, humble, humble would beryllium the connection for the night. Be grateful that you are successful attendance and convey the host.
  4. Be professional. Do not instrumentality pictures oregon videos erstwhile not invited. Keep each clip spent arsenic a nonrecreational successful an invited space.
  5. Do not overindulge successful immoderate substance.

If I emotion a task oregon thing I privation to do, I don't bash it for money. I bash it due to the fact that I emotion it. If the fund isn't there, I'll marque it enactment for maine and passim my career. I deliberation that's been a accordant theme. I perceive each time agelong that peers volition crook down jobs due to the fact that the wealth is not right. Some radical volition propulsion distant opportunities due to the fact that of the pay. That's conscionable not however I bash concern arsenic truthful galore opportunities hap from conscionable being successful the room.

To beryllium invited into palmy circles, your beingness is important nary substance what manufacture you are in, and making definite that you are providing an attractive, affirmative representation is ever connected trend.

Kathryn Marshburn has spent 12+ years successful the euphony and gaming industries guiding teams connected identifying targeted goals with an agile attack resulting successful driving gross and reducing risk.

Ana Smith, Talent Architect & Global Learning Strategist

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According to aggregate surveys, implicit 60% of organizations that prosecute coaches accidental enforcement beingness is 1 of the 2 apical purposes for their coaching. Companies spot this skill’s worth and privation their leaders to pb with a beardown presence!

So, if it is truthful critical, what is it? It is defined successful antithetic ways for sure, depending connected who you ask, yet the explanation that I typically spell to combines:

  • Character
  • Personality
  • Credibility

And these astir apt see a wide assortment of imaginable combinations which make a palmy "executive presence." The effect is simply a person who tin bid the attraction of a country and instantly gully you into their imaginativeness and who is acceptable isolated from others, allowing you to found a estimation of respect and knowledge.

Companies and leaders whitethorn already cognize that enforcement beingness is important, but it isn’t a accomplishment that comes people for a batch of people.

It takes immoderate clip to make and refine.

So, the astir important question is, however tin you make it yourself?

  1. Be self-aware and walk clip with different executives you admire. By studying yourself and others, you tin bid yourself done hard enactment and discipline.
  2. Inspire your nonstop reports done clarity and intentional communication, taking the inaugural and being a relation exemplary for them by keeping a journal, etc. Writing down your goals, plans, and priorities tin besides assistance you amended recognize your emotions and promote regular self-reflection!
  3. Build relationships, which helps you to link with others and physique trust. By gathering beardown relationships with colleagues, clients (internal and external), and different cardinal stakeholders, you tin found yourself arsenic a person who is approachable and respected.
  4. Create AND stock a clear, compelling vision. One of the astir inspiring forms of enforcement beingness is to animate and stock a compelling imaginativeness for others to spot and follow.
  5. Build spot crossed antithetic stakeholder groups (i.e., nonstop reports, peers, adjacent level up, etc.) by keeping your work, and taking the indispensable clip to physique and gain trust.

Building enforcement beingness is astir apt 1 of the astir analyzable things to bash successful enactment development, truthful don't hide to get a coach, a mentor, and respective peers who volition beryllium consenting to enactment your improvement arsenic you volition enactment theirs!

Ana Smith helps radical & organizations execute their afloat endowment imaginable by processing and co-creating radical strategies and customized solutions, and turning them into impactful outcomes and collaborative relationships, utilizing coaching arsenic the "red thread."

Marshall Martin, Director Of Operations

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Developing a bully nonrecreational beingness is important for occurrence successful immoderate industry. It is not conscionable astir having the close skills and knowledge, but besides astir presenting oneself successful a affirmative and effectual manner. Good nonrecreational beingness is defined by a operation of qualities, specified as:

  • Passion is the driving unit down a idiosyncratic oregon organization’s enactment and is indispensable successful creating a affirmative impact. It exudes optimism and a can-do attitude.
  • Integrity is cardinal successful demonstrating honesty, ethical behavior, and trustworthiness. It is indispensable for gathering spot and credibility with colleagues and clients alike.
  • Generosity involves giving backmost to others and contributing to the community. Whether done sharing cognition oregon supporting others with our time, talents, and treasure, generosity fosters beardown and steadfast relationships.
  • Gratitude is recognizing and expressing appreciation for others' contributions. It contributes to creating a affirmative enactment culture.
  • Authenticity is being existent to oneself and one’s values, maintaining a consciousness of transparency and honesty successful each interactions.

Overall, bully nonrecreational beingness requires intentional effort and self-awareness. By embodying these qualities, individuals tin found themselves arsenic respected and trusted leaders, achieving occurrence and making a affirmative interaction connected those astir them.

Marshall Martin is simply a erstwhile enforcement with start-up/entrepreneurial and ample multi-national organizations with 20+ years of acquisition successful the transportation of sales, finance, and operations management. His ngo is to beryllium a servant person that connects, creates, and builds innovative ideas and solutions.

Percy Leon, Digital Media Content Executive

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In today's competitory concern world, having a bully nonrecreational beingness is indispensable for success. Here are immoderate cardinal characteristics that I consciousness lend to a beardown nonrecreational presence:

  • Confidence: A bully nonrecreational beingness is characterized by confidence. This means having the self-assurance to talk up, instrumentality risks, and marque decisions. When you exude confidence, others volition beryllium much apt to spot and respect you.
  • Communication skills: Communication is an indispensable portion of gathering a beardown nonrecreational presence. This includes not lone speaking intelligibly and articulately but besides being a bully listener and capable to pass efficaciously successful writing.
  • Professionalism: Professionalism is different cardinal diagnostic of a bully nonrecreational presence. This means being reliable, respectful, and trustworthy successful your interactions with others. It besides means dressing appropriately for the concern and being punctual.
  • Emotional intelligence: Emotional quality is the quality to recognize and negociate your ain emotions and those of others. This is indispensable for gathering beardown relationships with colleagues and clients.
  • Competence: Finally, a bully nonrecreational beingness is characterized by competence. This means having the skills and cognition indispensable to bash your occupation good and being consenting to larn and accommodate arsenic needed.

A bully nonrecreational beingness is simply a operation of confidence, connection skills, professionalism, affectional intelligence, and competence.

By focusing connected processing these characteristics, you tin physique a beardown nonrecreational beingness that volition assistance you successful your career.

Percy Leon is simply a integer media contented shaper specializing successful acquisition exertion and entertainment. He is funny successful web3, metaverse, and the usage of virtual world for storytelling.

Lisa Perry, Global Marketing Executive

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I didn’t cognize overmuch astir nonrecreational beingness until astir 2 ½ years agone erstwhile I met J.T. O’Donnell. I took her in-depth people connected enforcement beingness and learned that it’s astir what radical spot erstwhile they travel successful interaction with us. It’s our quality to task gravitas, confidence, competence, poise nether pressure, decisiveness, speaking skills, assertiveness, and the quality to work an assemblage oregon situation, among different cardinal characteristics. It enables america to physique trust, found credibility, and accelerate outcomes and results. What defines bully enforcement beingness is simply a idiosyncratic travel and requires work. And that’s what I’ve been doing implicit the past respective years. I did a heavy dive into 4 areas:

  1. Understand My Strengths, Weaknesses, Talents, & Biases
  2. Explore How Peers, Colleagues, Subordinates, & Leaders Perceive Me
  3. Develop An Action Plan To Enhance Executive Presence
  4. Create A Measurement Plan

This process was precise enlightening, helping maine recognize wherever I was undervaluing myself based connected feedback from those who person worked with me. As a result, implicit the past year, I’ve been capable to crook astir my enforcement beingness based connected the enactment program I enactment together, helping maine go a much effectual leader, physique stronger relationships with others, and execute greater occurrence astatine work.

Lisa Perry helps companies physique enactment brands, driving loyal customers & delivering profitability. She does this done a process that builds brands consumers love. Her extremity is to assistance companies develop, monetize, and turn their brands.

John Hoffman, Creative Producer

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An fantabulous nonrecreational beingness is indispensable for anyone, particularly those starting a vocation path.

It begins with credibility, being present, paying attention, and inspiring assurance successful your colleagues.

To physique credibility, absorption connected 4 elemental aspects:

  1. Competence - the quality to bash thing successfully.
  2. Communication - transportation accusation succinctly.
  3. Integrity - bash what you say, accidental what you do.
  4. Preparedness - beryllium ready.

Always beryllium consenting to larn and amended by asking questions, stepping retired of your comfortableness zone, and being unfastened to feedback. Stay positive, debar antagonistic language, and person fun. Taking yourself excessively earnestly tin beryllium detrimental to your nonrecreational presence, truthful retrieve to support it elemental and bask the journey.

In closing, wage attraction to the affirmative and inquire yourself if your actions are helping oregon harming the task. Then, bash these things and make a nonrecreational beingness to acceptable you up for success.

John Hoffman has 15+ years of enactment acquisition creating and producing video content, branded entertainment, PR stunts, and experiential and unrecorded events. At his core, he's a storyteller who has mastered the originative representation and tin standard logistical mountains.

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