Extra night ferries laid on to clear Dover backlog

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 Friday March 31, 2023.Image source, PA Media

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Photos showed agelong queues astatine the larboard connected Friday evening

Additional sailings volition beryllium enactment connected overnight by ferry operators astatine the Port of Dover, arsenic it works done the Easter postulation backlog.

Delays were archetypal reported connected Friday night, and immoderate passengers had to hold successful Dover for arsenic agelong arsenic 14 hours.

Strong winds, a ample measurement of coaches and slower processing times astatine borderline power were cited arsenic reasons.

Doug Bannister, the port's main executive, said his squad expect the backlog volition beryllium cleared overnight.

Some coaches, including galore carrying schoolchildren travelling to Europe connected schoolhouse trips astatine the commencement of the Easter break, had to hold overnight connected Friday astatine the port.

Throughout Saturday, galore passengers shared their ordeals with the BBC, with immoderate calling the concern "carnage".

The absorption for the larboard apologised for the "prolonged delays" and said the backlog was being cleared.

On Saturday evening, Mr Bannister said: "My ops squad is anticipating that we volition get done each the backlog, including each the radical that wanted to question today, overnight."The ferry operators are laying connected further sailings overnight to effort and execute that, truthful hopefully by astir midday time we'll beryllium backmost to mean operations."

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