Félicien Kabuga: Rwanda genocide trial halted over dementia claims

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Composition of Rwandan genocide Félicien KabugaImage source, EPA

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Félicien Kabuga avoided seizure for decades

The proceedings of a suspected mastermind of the Rwandan genocide successful 1994 has been enactment connected clasp astatine The Hague.

Félicien Kabuga, who is 90, was acceptable to look proceedings aft evading seizure for 26 years, but his lawyers accidental helium has dementia and is not acceptable to basal trial.

The International Residual Mechanism for Criminal Tribunals agreed to a intermission portion his wellness is assessed.

Mr Kabuga, a affluent businessman, is accused of utilizing his vigor presumption to impulse taste Hutus to termination rival Tutsis.

He is alleged to person fuelled the genocide by broadcasting inflammatory hatred speech.

It has besides been claimed that helium utilized his ample luck made successful the 1970s beverage commercialized to bargain machetes utilized to limb the Hutu decease squads. He has denied each the charges.

Mr Kabuga was arrested successful 2020 aft managing to debar seizure for decades. French investigators tracked him down to an flat successful Paris wherever helium had been surviving nether a mendacious identity.

Survivors of the genocide person antecedently expressed concerns that justness mightiness not beryllium served if Mr Kabuga dies without facing proceedings astatine the ICC, which was already expected to instrumentality years.

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