Fiat's Topolino EV is an Italian twist on the Citroen Ami

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Fiat already has its ain cute EV successful the 500 series, but it has present gone adjacent tinier successful its latest municipality mobility push. The institution unveiled the Topolino, fundamentally a rebadged mentation of the Citroen Ami with a redesigned beforehand end, brownish cloth retractable roof, unfastened sides and pick leather seats. 

The Topolino shares Ami's drivetrain (both Citroen and Fiat are nether the Stellantis umbrella) and looks nigh-on identical, isolated from the aforementioned tweaks. It has a 5.5kWh artillery that delivers a 47 mile range, and it'll deed a apical velocity of 28MPH. Fiat didn't stock immoderate interior images, but the lone tech wrong an Ami is simply a charging larboard and telephone holder. 

Like the Ami, the Topolino is technically a "quadricycle" and not a car, meaning it tin beryllium driven successful cities without the request for a driver's license. Fiat said it wants to "make young radical autumn successful emotion with cars again," portion promoting sustainability on with "joy, optimism and fun." 

Fiat's wording successful the property merchandise suggests that the car volition beryllium utilized to beforehand its sustainability and mobility aims (the words "sustainable" and "mobility" are utilized nary little than 20 times). "The caller Fiat Topolino volition play a socially progressive relation successful promoting electrical mobility successful cities and a peculiar relation successful creating a idiosyncratic mobility solution for the full family," Fiat wrote, adding it fits successful with "Fiat’s antiauthoritarian ngo of providing municipality sustainable mobility solutions which are accessible to everyone." 

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Stellantis has acceptable a extremity for 100 percent of rider car income to beryllium BEVs by 2030, and that day is coming down the pike beauteous quickly. Like different automakers, it hasn't showed overmuch successful presumption of municipality mobility options isolated from a fewer tiny EVs. There's nary connection connected pricing, but the Ami tin beryllium leased for 25 euros per period with a 3,850 euro down payment. 

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