March 29, 2023

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You did it—you yet finished A Court of Thorns and Roses. Or famously known arsenic ACOTAR implicit connected BookTok. And erstwhile I accidental finished, I don’t conscionable mean publication one. I’m talking the full series—because immoderate existent ACOTAR instrumentality knows that the enactment really gets going erstwhile you deed publication two. 

If you’ve lone work the archetypal publication and person yet to proceed the remainder of the series, past my archetypal portion of proposal to you is to spell work the remainder of it. You’ve apt heard this portion of proposal if you’re a scholar who has spent immoderate clip implicit connected TikTok, Instagram, and yes, adjacent Tumblr. But if you haven’t, past heed my informing and spell decorativeness the remainder of the bid earlier speechmaking on. Because past this point, spoilers are astir to ensue, and I promise, you don’t privation to miss retired connected each of the juicy ACOTAR goodness that our woman Sarah J. Maas has to offer.

Now if you person work the series, past congratulations, you officially cognize what a publication hangover feels like. That feeling of speechmaking a publication oregon bid truthful good, it’s going to instrumentality you a portion to retrieve and prime up thing else. For weeks aft finishing ACOTAR myself, I went down a Tumblr and TikTok rabbit spread of instrumentality creation and theories portion simultaneously pretending that I didn’t conscionable autumn successful emotion with 3 fictional men with bat wings.

But, eventually, you volition find yourself recovering from your publication hangover, and you’ll beryllium connected the hunt for thing new—maybe thing that includes morally grey antheral leads that are devilishly handsome, an interior ellipse of friends that consciousness similar family, and pistillate protagonists who alteration the world. While I volition marque this my authoritative plea to Sarah J. Maas to please, for the emotion of god, springiness america publication six… these different fantasy books tin tide america implicit until we yet larn who Azriel’s mate is. Sigh.

the cruel prince

Holly Black

The Folk of the Air Series

Never successful my wildest dreams did I deliberation I would autumn for a villain-like antheral pb with a tail, but present we are. Starting disconnected with The Cruel Prince, which has surely made rather a fewer appearances implicit connected BookTok, the bid protagonist June is forced to unrecorded wrong the High Court of Faerie wherever she meets Prince Carden, the youngest lad of the King who is peculiarly wicked and cruel. When catastrophe strikes, Jude makes a peculiarly devious confederation to support those she loves, giving her a concealed powerfulness that helps her power the caller king. The Folk of the Air is simply a three-book bid with further novellas and abbreviated stories.

a breached  blade

Melissa Blair

The Halfling Saga

If you’re a peculiar instrumentality of spies successful phantasy realms—like our beloved Inej successful Six of Crows—then The Halfling Saga should beryllium your adjacent read. Starting with A Broken Blade, this bid follows a half-elf assassin who enters a magical Faeland wherever she indispensable find if her force is mortal, elf, oregon halfling similar herself. It is simply a quick-paced, high-fantasy bid that—yes—does diagnostic immoderate romance. The saga continues with publication two, A Shadow Crown, this May.

Carissa Broadbent

Crown of Nyaxia Series

If you’re looking for immoderate phantasy enactment that besides involves vampires, this is the bid for you. Death, war, mysterious rivalries, and a gut-wrenching forbidden romance volition person you screaming astatine the archetypal book, The Serpent and the Wings of Night, and pining for the adjacent publication acceptable to travel retired aboriginal successful April, The Ashes and the Star-Cursed King.

Hannah Whitten

The Nightshade Crown Series

Be warned—only 1 publication is retired for this series, truthful if you’re 1 who has to teardrop into a bid each astatine once, proceed with caution. Although looking astatine the rave reviews the archetypal book, The Foxglove King, is already getting connected GoodReads, the work whitethorn beryllium worthy the aboriginal pining. This bid starts disconnected with a young miss connected the tally who finds retired her concealed powerfulness could alteration the destiny of the kingdom arsenic we cognize it (Sun Summoner vibes, anyone?). Thrust into the glamorous satellite of the king, Lore indispensable woody with the politics, religion, and debauchery of the king’s court—with a small forbidden romance that volition person you turning leafage aft page.

throne of solid  cover

Sarah J Maas

Throne of Glass Series

Well, if you’re a instrumentality of Sarah J. Maas and don’t caput being utterly destroyed by different bid of hers, past your adjacent task should beryllium done her seven-book Throne of Glass series. While the satellite of this bid does not coincide with Prythian, the satellite successful which ACOTAR takes place, immoderate Sarah J. Maas fans online judge that these worlds are someway each connected—and could travel unneurotic successful aboriginal ACOTAR books.

Sarah J Maas

Crescent City Series

Speaking of connecting worlds, Sarah J. Maas’ newest bid Crescent City is precise overmuch a portion of the ACOTAR satellite and is surely meant to beryllium connected. The main character, half-Fae and half-human Bryce Quinlan, seeks revenge against a demon who destroyed her friends and makes an confederation with fallen angel Hunt Athalar. As the 2 analyse Crescent City, they uncover the truths of a unspeakable acheronian power…and, of course, what’s a Sarah J. Maas publication without immoderate steamy love?

C.C. Peñaranda

An Heir Comes to Rise Series

With tons of twists and turns, and an full bid to question your teeth into, An Heir Comes to Rise brings you backmost into a satellite of the mystical fae with an orphan protagonist warring for her beingness who yet finds retired she is harboring a acheronian concealed that mightiness prevention them all. Sound familiar? Full of each the phantasy tropes we love, this bid already has 5 of the 7 books acceptable for you to devour.

Jenna Wolfhart

The Mist King Series

A protagonist forced to wed a vicious fae king and permission her household behind? Say less! This series, starting with Of Mist and Shadow, follows the communicative of a quality miss forced to unrecorded with an immortal fae yet soon escapes and meets the elusive Mist King who is known arsenic an force for what helium did to her people. But of course, to escaped her people, they indispensable onslaught a deal—and effort not to autumn successful emotion successful the process. Major swoon.

Jennifer L. Armentrout

From Blood and Ash Series

If Sarah J. Maas is recommending this bid herself…then you cognize it’s astir to spell down. From Blood and Ash is simply a five-book bid featuring a precise beardown pistillate protagonist, evil queens, acheronian sinister powers, and of course, swoon-worthy steamy emotion scenes. And of course, akin to the overlapping shared worlds of Sarah J. Maas books, the writer has a caller Flesh and Fire bid you tin binge instantly after—all acceptable successful the aforesaid world.