First look of Ahad Raza Mir in BBC's wartime drama 'World on Fire 2' is out

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The archetypal look of Ahad Raza Mir's upcoming BBC offering is out. Mir plays a caller character, Rajib, successful the 2nd play of the wartime play World connected Fire. The amusement comprises an elaborate formed and is acceptable to instrumentality to the tiny surface for a 2nd outing pursuing the merchandise of play 1 successful 2019.

The Yakeen Ka Safar star volition effort a fearless and determined person of a specializer portion of the British Indian Army during World War II successful the series. The archetypal look of his upcoming quality sees him successful a uniform, looking intensely into the camera. Some publications person marked October 15 arsenic the merchandise day of the show. No confirmation by the broadcaster has been announced.

World connected Fire Season 2 volition spot the histrion featuring successful a supporting role, alongside archetypal formed members including Lesley Manville arsenic Robina, Jonah Hauer-King arsenic Harry, Julia Brown arsenic Lois, and Zofia Wichlacz arsenic Kasia.

Among different caller faces joining the formed are Shetland's Mark Bonnar, who volition play the mysterious Sir James Danemere. Runaways star Gregg Sulkin volition play a brave but reckless RAF pilot. Miriam Schiweck (Der Staatsanwalt) besides joins arsenic a German teenage subordinate of the Band of German Maidens.

The synopsis teases that the six-episode 2nd play volition spot RAF pilots beryllium sent to destruct German bombers "prowling the skies supra Manchester, with rescue operations underway connected the streets beneath – the existent world of warfare has arrived successful Britain".

The BBC also revealed that play 2 would instrumentality viewers "from the war-torn streets of Britain heavy into Nazi Germany, the absorption wrong occupied France, and the brutal sands of the North African godforsaken – wherever troops conflict to accommodate to a precise antithetic benignant of combat".

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