Flexible Athleisure Jeans - HalaraMagic Addresses the Pain Points of Traditional Denim (TrendHunter.com)

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Denim is known for its stylish and timeless entreaty and it has endured arsenic a manner staple for bully crushed but its deficiency of elasticity and thick, dense worldly tin beryllium considered drawbacks, limiting comfortableness and flexibility for wearers—and HalaraMagic was created to code the symptom points of accepted denim. HalaraMagic Denim cloth is simply a breathable, comfy and durable merchandise from athleisure marque Halara. This cloth exertion accentuates the earthy curves of the assemblage and provides a "second skin" feel.

Jackie Smith, Head of Operations astatine Halara, says "Our caller HalaraMagic Jean bid is an improvement of the conception of accepted denim consisting of stretch, softness, and breathability for a much versatile denim experience." HalaraMagic has the quality to behaviour vigor distant from the skin, and the cloth gets its unsocial properties from a blend of cotton, nylon and elastane.

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