[Freeride World Tour] Fieberbrunn, Austria – Stop Four Recap

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Cover Photo – Jeremy Bernard

After a 48 hr upwind delay, the Austrian skies went bluish and the 4th halt of the 2023 Freeride World Tour was a spell connected Thursday, March 16th! With a stupendous overgarment of caller snow, the iconic Wildseeloder upland could not person been much picturesque. With snowfall conditions varying astir the look and some snowboarding groups having already dropped, determination were challenging aspects to the time for our skiers. The remaining riders who made the chopped pursuing the previous FWT halt successful Kicking Horse, BC were acceptable to rumble, and we were treated to 1 of the champion performances of the season. The six women and eleven men who dropped successful painted their mode with a premix of large upland charging and freestyle creativity; a cleanable operation for each who tuned in. Below you’ll find results, highlights, photos and much from Fieberbrunn, Austria.

In the Ski Women’s field 3 of the six riders struggled to laic down their chosen line. Elisabeth Gerritzen (NS), Addison Rafford and Molly Armanino each encountered challenging conditions connected their lines that happened to get the champion of them. Molly had an unthinkable promising tally arsenic she charged her mode crossed the full course, but fell abbreviated conscionable adjacent the extremity arsenic she couldn’t clasp connected to a ample aerial successful the last stretch. These 3 volition undoubtably beryllium bare for much travel clip for the Xtreme Verbier. In 3rd spot was Megane Betend. The French phenom had an unbelievable betterment a 3rd of the mode done her line, arsenic she rode retired of what appeared to beryllium an accidental 360 aft getting hung up successful an incredibly steep and rocky conception of the course. While it was a maneuver that near everyone cheering for more, and the remainder of her tally was executed with benignant and strength, she was docked points successful the Control category. Justine Dufour-Lapointe took location 2nd place, making her the existent person successful the Ski Women’s tract heading into the 5th and last stop. While Justine’s tally was incredible, implicit with aggregate airs, shifty, and almighty turns, the time belonged to Arianna Tricomi. With six years connected the circuit and fractional arsenic galore FWT titles, Arianna is nary alien to performing nether pressure. She needed to execute large to boost her likelihood going into the finale, and execute she did. The Italian Stallion took a originative enactment connected the lookers near broadside of the course, arsenic she deed aggregate airs, dialed successful a 360, and held pristine power done blazing speeds.

“I had a batch of amusive with my run. In immoderate parts, the snowfall was a spot crusty, and different sections were good, truthful I came retired with a batch of velocity astatine times. My extremity was to bash a 360, which I did, truthful I truly enjoyed it. Being backmost connected circuit is magical for sure!” – Arianna Tricomi

In the Ski Men’s field, we saw 3 riders, (Marcus Goguen, Max Palm, Finn Bilous) each person NS connected relationship of pugnacious crashes during their runs. The remaining 8 riders struggled to wide implicit 80 points, with lone the apical 4 finishers doing so. Granted, the scoring is challenging successful these last 2 stops, but these scores besides constituent to challenging conditions throughout. When considering this, the apical scorers performances are rather admirable. It was the French rookie Oscar Mandin who took 3rd place, adding to his erstwhile 2nd spot decorativeness during this years first halt astatine Baquiera-Beret. Oscar’s enactment took him to the lookers close of the course, with respective ample airs and beauteous level 3. Second spot belonged to the reigning FWT Ski Men’s champion Maxime Chabloz. Maxime has been comparatively quiescent connected the circuit erstwhile compared to his unbelievable show past year, but the Swiss ripper has inactive had aggregate podiums and is skiing lights retired heading into the last stop. He stomped 1 of the larger backflips we saw retired there, and portion helium was astir caught up connected a landing and a fewer turns, his staple cork 7 and sturdy turns towards the extremity brought him the podium. The archetypal spot king was nary different than Andrew Pollard. Alta’s prodigal son enactment connected arguably his champion show of the year, arsenic helium demonstrated method large upland abilities with a premix of freeride prowess. With 2 lofty 360s and respective transportation airs, Andrew painted his was down the Wildseeloder successful mesmerizing benignant (per usual).

“It was a agelong week waiting for the conditions to beryllium right, but we proved that the upwind model works and that sometimes delaying the commencement is the champion happening to do. I was blessed to enactment down my run, which is ever harder connected a agelong venue similar this. I didn’t deliberation I could triumph anymore with each the young kids connected tour, truthful I americium conscionable grateful to beryllium present successful Austria and stoked to win.” – Andrew Pollard

Ski Women’s Podium

  1. Arianna Tricomi (ITA)
  2. Justine Dufour-Lapointe (CAN)
  3. Megane Betend (FRA)

Ski Men’s Podium

  1. Andrew Pollard (USA)
  2. Maxime Chabloz (SUI)
  3. Oscar Mandin (FRA)

Click here for the authoritative FWT replay from halt four. With the Yeti Xtreme Verbier finale conscionable a fewer days away, enactment tuned for enactment ahead. Wax your twigs and get fired up! It’s March Madness connected skis, baby.

Photo Gallery

Photos courtesy of the Freeride World Tour

Photography by Jeremy Bernard

Shouldn’t the Freeride World Tour merchantability riders jerseys? That would beryllium sweet. Xtreme Verbier present we come!

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