FREESKIER Ski Test 2023: Day 4 Recap and Photo Gallery

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IMAGES: Elise Sterck

It’s the astir fantastic clip of the year. That’s right, it’s FREESKIER Ski Test, baby! Every season, we astatine FREESKIER stitchery a gaggle of the champion skiers we cognize to hop connected a assortment of adjacent year’s planks from myriad of brands. From brand-new constructions to wholly unconventional designs and everything successful between, we’ve employed our dedicated testers to ride, reappraisal and yet complaint the champion planks of the play for you—those who unrecorded to ski—to froth implicit successful our yearly Buyer’s Guide successful the fall.

This play we are backmost astatine it again astatine Jackson Hole Mountain Resort for the 21st yearly FREESKIER Ski Test. Notorious for its steep, demanding terrain, legendary snowfall—especially this season—and diehard locals who prioritize skiing implicit everything else, we couldn’t beryllium successful a amended spot to trial the latest and top caller merchandise from immoderate of the champion brands successful the biz.

Beyond the epic turns and non-stop faceshots, FREESKIER’s yearly Ski Test is astir bringing unneurotic stand-out humans to observe the weird and fantastic enactment of sliding down snow. Après parties, precocious fives and bully vibes circular retired the week arsenic we bask successful the civilization of this incomparable experience. And nary of this would beryllium imaginable without the enactment from our partners… our edifice big Jackson Hole, the experienced investigating unit astatine The Ski Monster, which besides happens to beryllium 1 of the champion online and brick-and-mortar cogwheel shops around, Continuum Hotel and Bar for lodging our unit close astatine the basal of the upland each week, the celebrated Mangy Moose for each things après and unrecorded music, and Coors Light for fueling the madness erstwhile the lifts halt spinning and transportation precocious into the evenings.

Now, we privation to springiness you a peek down the scenes astatine FREESKIER’s yearly Ski Test with a photograph assemblage from the full week. Stay tuned online for implicit sum and travel america on Facebook and Instagram; cheque retired the hashtag #FREESKIERFEST for more; and beryllium definite to subscribe to the print-version of the mag to spot the implicit results from the 21st yearly FREESKIER Ski Test onshore connected your doorstep successful the fall.

DAY FOUR — March 9th, 2023

IT’S THE FINAL COUNT DOWN! You cognize the rest. Day 4 marked our LAST time of investigating skis present astatine Jackson Hole, and it couldn’t person travel to a adjacent immoderate better. With wide skies implicit head, our testers saddled up for 1 much spell arsenic we sent retired our skinniest skis of the test; 80-90mm nether foot. Jackson Hole is surely known arsenic a chaotic upland with unthinkable freeride and large upland terrain. However, the corduroy present is not to beryllium slept on. The gorgeous groomers nether the Bridger Gondola, Casper Chair and beyond were the cleanable strips of snowfall for our testers to teardrop down. They laid immoderate superior hep from doorbell to doorbell arsenic we made definite that nary plank was near un-skied. Check retired our Instagram communicative for the time to spot what skis we loved for today’s conditions.

As the clouds rolled successful this afternoon, we packed up our basecamp adjacent the iconic Jackson Hole tram presumption astatine the basal of the mountain. It’s ever a spot bittersweet to telephone the lawsuit aft specified unthinkable days, but we would beryllium lying if we said our legs weren’t looking guardant to the rest. We poured our hearts into reviewing the champion skis successful the satellite for you, the passionate and life-loving skiers astir the globe, and what exhausting amusive it was. Be definite to ticker for much contented from FREESKIER FEST successful the coming weeks, and of people support an oculus retired for our yearly Buyers Guide adjacent fall, which volition see each the hard earned reviews from this week connected each the top caller skis of the year. Thank YOU truthful overmuch for tuning successful this week, and we anticipation we brought you immoderate stoke on the way!

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