From Portable Microwaves to Self-Heating Baby Bottles, These Were March's Coolest and Weirdest Gadgets

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Portable microwave

Image: Makita

March is drafting to a close, and though the period seldom brings overmuch successful presumption of commercialized shows oregon large merchandise announcements (aside from the process extremity of Mobile World Congress, this year) it does herald the commencement of Spring, and caller beginnings, and plentifulness of caller weird and fantastic gadgets you whitethorn person missed.

Last period brought america everything from a battery-powered microwave that tin supply a blistery repast portion you’re spending a play glamping, to a battery-powered cooler that tin alternatively support each of your snacks and drinks acold during a time astatine the beach. Click done to spot everything you whitethorn person missed.

Two images showing the Makita cordless microwave being carried utilizing a should strap, and the microwave connected  a operation  tract  woody  workbench with the doorway  unfastened  and a freshly heated repast  wrong  it.

Image: Makita

Yearning for a blistery luncheon astatine enactment but there’s nary microwave oregon powerfulness cord successful sight? Makita’s caller cordless microwave is simply a solution to some of those problems. Instead of requiring AC, it draws powerfulness from a brace of Makita XGT 40-volt rechargeable batteries, allowing it to vigor up to 11 meals, oregon 20 drinks—assuming neither are wholly frozen. The 20-pound microwave isn’t precisely lightweight, and astatine motorboat it’s lone going to beryllium disposable successful Japan. It’s besides got a steep terms tag of astir $540.

An babe   being fed utilizing the Ember Baby Bottle System's bottle.

Image: Ember

Ember is taking the battery-powered heating exertion it developed for its self-heating cups and mugs and bringing it to a caller assemblage not yet babelike connected caffeine to get done the day. The Ember Baby Bottle System pairs proprietary babe bottles (compatible with the astir fashionable brands of nipples connected the market) with a charging puck that tin vigor 6 fl oz of beverage oregon look to 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit successful astir 5 minutes’ time. A afloat complaint tin vigor 2 afloat bottles, but that convenience comes with a $400 terms tag.

It turns retired the easiest mode to amended however your favourite headphones dependable is to simply marque definite your ears are clean. But wherefore conflict with each the manual labour of Q-Tips, which you shouldn’t truly beryllium cleaning your ears with anyway, erstwhile the OtoSet Ear Cleaning System tin bash each the enactment for you. They look similar headphones, but alternatively of pumping dependable waves into your ears, they pump successful a cleaning solution that breaks down wax, past suck it backmost retired into a disposable container. At $3,059 they’re not cheap, but they’re really designed for “use by healthcare professionals only.”

Looking for the eventual constituent of astonishment erstwhile harassing your co-workers? Joel Hartlaub of the YouTube transmission Joel Creates came up with an incredibly clever plan for foam darts, the benignant usually fired from artifact blasters, that are able to occurrence themselves done interior mechanisms relying connected springs and adjacent explosive flash cotton.

The reMarkable 2 e-note instrumentality  with the Type Folio keyboard lawsuit  attached, sitting connected  a woody  table.

Photo: Andrew Liszewski | Gizmodo

reMarkable showed the satellite that E Ink wasn’t conscionable for reading; it could besides beryllium a integer substitute for pen and paper. Last month, the institution further expanded the capabilities of its reMarkable 2 e-note with the Type Folio keyboard case, allowing notes to beryllium rapidly typed utilizing a compact keyboard that perfectly integrated with the physics insubstantial tablet. It was sleek, but we recovered the cardinal layout to beryllium a small cramped, and its $199 terms to beryllium steep for an already costly e-note.

The Sony ZV-E1 connected  a tripod against a colorful background, with its LCD surface  flipped astir   to look   forwards and a vlogger successful  the wilderness pictured on-screen.

Sony continues to presumption its smaller, mirrorless cameras arsenic tools for contented creators, peculiarly vloggers, but its caller ZV-E1 is the archetypal to connection interchangeable lenses and a 35mm full-frame sensor inside. The sensor, on with AI-powered features including autofocus that recognizes radical and animals successful a changeable and automatic reframing capabilities for creators lacking a dedicated camera operator, should assistance measurement up the prime of the ZV-E1's video content. But with a $2,200 terms tag and coming without a bundled lens, it’s besides the priciest Sony ZV camera to date.

A photograph  of the Sonos Era 300.

Photo: Florence Ion | Gizmodo

“Spatial audio” is the user tech industry’s favourite buzzword astatine the moment, and a large selling constituent of Sonos’ Era 300 speaker, its archetypal non-soundbar with Dolby Atmos support, which promises to capable a country with dependable utilizing 4 tweeters each firing successful antithetic directions, positive a brace of subwoofers. It sounds great, which is not terribly astonishing for a $450 speaker, but filling a country with aggregate Era 300s for a situation dependable acquisition rapidly gets expensive. Sonos’ latest and top is besides amended suited for those afloat immersed successful the Apple ecosystem, arsenic it lacks entree to Google Assistant, arsenic good arsenic Google Casting, forcing Android users to power it done the Sonos app.

A brace  of hands holding the 8BitDo Pro 2 controller implicit    a woody  table  with an iPad, iPhone, and Mac sitting nearby.

Image: 8BitDo

A photograph  of the Snapdragon 7+ Gen 2 logo

Image: Qualcomm

Although not arsenic almighty arsenic Qualcomm’s flagship processors, the caller Snapdragon 7+ Gen 2 promises to beryllium a versatile mid-range spot offering timepiece speeds up to 2.91 Ghz and compatibility with up to 16GB of RAM, making it utile successful non-smartphone devices, including the ever-growing marketplace of handheld game-streaming consoles.

It tin beryllium heartbreaking to ticker classical consoles get torn isolated by hardware hackers, but we’re precise overmuch successful enactment of Peter Knetter, who transferred the guts of a existent GameCube into a DIY GameCube made wholly from Lego. It’s inactive afloat functional, though their effort to marque a Lego GameCube controller could decidedly usage a 2nd pass.

Gif: dotBravo

The flexibility of wherever we tin usage our mobile devices, similar smartphones, has spoiled america to the constituent wherever we’ll grumble and kick erstwhile we person to beryllium astatine a table to usage a due keyboard. With the Grab Shell keyboard, a table isn’t a necessity, arsenic it tin beryllium transformed into a handheld keyboard implicit with a afloat QWERTY layout, tons of customizable buttons, and adjacent a trackball for controlling a cursor. But is typing during a bath interruption worthy $400 to you?

A manus  holding the Samsung Galaxy S23 astatine  an angle.

Photo: Florence Ion | Gizmodo

Looking for immoderate of the champion mobile hardware that Samsung has to connection but don’t privation to walk $1,200+ connected the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra? Both the 6.1-inch Galaxy S23 and 6.6-inch Galaxy S23+ diagnostic the aforesaid Super AMOLED, FullHD+, 120Hz surface exertion arsenic the Ultra, but with terms tags a fewer 100 bucks cheaper. Both alternatives bash travel with different concessions, including the S23 not offering ultra wide-band enactment and artillery beingness limitations, but if you’re an Android idiosyncratic wanting the champion surface tech connected the market, some of these smartphones volition deliver.

A younger pupil  wearing the Logitech Zone Learn headphones successful  a schoolhouse  mounting  portion    moving   connected  a tablet device.

Image: Logitech

Most headphones designed for kids don’t really look precise good designed. More often than not, they’re conscionable smaller versions of headphones for adults, but the caller $35 Logitech Zone Learn were created from the crushed up with younger users successful mind. Not lone are they pugnacious but repairable with assorted parts that tin beryllium easy swapped out, but they tin besides beryllium easy wiped cleanable erstwhile dirty, and deficiency immoderate and each buttons that could marque for an unwanted distraction.

The Anker EverFrost cooler sitting connected  a ample  stone  outdoors.

Image: Anker

The lone happening harder to find astatine a distant campsite than a powerfulness outlet is simply a caller root of ice. Anker’s upcoming EverFrost cooler doesn’t request either, astatine slightest for up to 42 hours, arsenic it features a built-in rechargeable artillery powering its refrigeration portion that keeps the interior, and everything you battalion wrong it, cold. Anker’s bringing it to consumers done a Kickstarter, but astatine astir $800 for the smallest model, it’s adjacent much costly than a Yeti.

The Viewsonic X1-4K projector mounted to the ceiling of a surviving  country   with a shot    crippled  being projected connected  a blank wall.

Image: Viewsonic

Viewsonic has partnered with Microsoft for a brace of caller projectors that not lone get with the ‘Designed for Xbox’ stamp of approval, but a achromatic plan with greenish accents arsenic well, truthful they won’t clash with your console. We really urge the short-throw X2-4K implicit the modular X1-4K model, arsenic it offers overmuch brighter performance, and there’s nary hazard of idiosyncratic blocking the projector’s image.

Will humanity ever person capable integer storage? It seems unlikely, but YouTuber HistidineDwarf came up with a clever mode to instrumentality vantage of Google’s immense unreality retention capabilities without having to wage for the privilege. Instead of uploading files to Google Drive, they compressed them to a azygous record and encoded them into a video uploaded to YouTube that ends up looking similar random noise. The downsides: it’s incredibly slow, and the video files being uploaded are 4 times larger than the archetypal information encoded within.

A brace  of fingers holding the Nothing Ear (2) wireless earbuds stored successful  their charging case.

Image: Nothing

Nothing mightiness inactive beryllium a comparatively young company, but it’s aged capable to person released the archetypal follow-up to 1 of its existing products, the Ear (2) wireless earbuds. Nothing promises improved sound, improved progressive sound cancellation, and adjacent improved artillery life, but the champion diagnostic mightiness beryllium the personalization features, which customize however a idiosyncratic hears their contented depending connected wherever the buds are being used.


The astir important spec to beryllium alert of erstwhile buying a projector is however agleam it is. You tin find projectors online for conscionable a fewer 100 bucks, but you’ll beryllium restricted to utilizing them successful dark, windowless rooms. The JMGO N1 Ultra, which launched connected Kickstarter for conscionable $1,099, boasts an awesome 4,000 ANSI lumens of brightness, positive a plan with a built-in gimbal that makes it casual to perfectly presumption and align the projection.

The Anbernic RG35XX playing Super Mario Kart sitting connected  apical  of an archetypal   Game Boy.

Photo: Andrew Liszewski | Gizmodo

Looking for a handheld that tin play the thousands of 8 and 16-bit retro games that made the ‘80s and ‘90s awesome? We recovered that portion the Anbernic RG35XX wasn’t the astir almighty handheld retro gaming instrumentality retired there, for $65, it easy handled everything from the PS1, SNES, Genesis, and more. It besides continued Anbernic’s inclination of churning retired precise coagulated and reliable hardware.

The Ikea Vappeby portable Bluetooth talker  shown hanging successful  a shower, and connected  a towel, covered successful  water.

Ikea continues its enlargement into user electronics but without the DIY products that made it famous. Its $15 Vappeby Bluetooth speaker boasts IP65 particulate and h2o absorption truthful you tin bent it successful your ablution and person speedy one-button entree to Spotify. Ikea promises up to 80 hours of artillery beingness with the measurement kept astatine 50%, truthful if you bash mean to usage it successful the shower, and really perceive it implicit the dependable of moving water, you tin expect to complaint it much frequently.

Ayaneo Geek

Photo: Chris Coke / Gizmodo

Looking for an incredibly almighty handheld gaming strategy that runs Microsoft Windows retired of the container and don’t caput paying a premium for the privilege? Powered by a AMD Ryzen 7 6800U processor, the Ayaneo Geek feels similar a pro mentation of the Valve Steam Deck, and is priced that way, too, starting astatine $849, with the exemplary we tested offering specs boosting that to $1,199. Yes, that is costly for a mobile PC you can’t besides easy usage arsenic a productivity instrumentality (although it’s surely imaginable to bash so), but the Geek offers fantabulous gaming performance, paired with a beauteous seven-inch, 1,920x1,200 screen.

Razer Blade 16

Photo: Jackie Thomas / Gizmodo

Razer likes to presumption its hardware with a design-focused premium on the lines of Apple, and the Razer Blade 16 surely earns a “Macbook of gaming laptops” nickname with an aluminum unibody lodging and an perfectly monolithic touchpad. But you won’t find Apple silicon wrong it. The Blade 16 we tested was powered by an Intel Core i9-13950HX processor paired with an Nvidia GeForce RTX 4090 handling graphics, allowing the laptop to play astir games astatine afloat 4K resolutions without an issue. And with a terms tag starting astatine $2,699 ($4,299 for the exemplary we reviewed), it adjacent feels similar you’re paying the Apple tax, too.

The Cocoa Press 3D cocoa  printer sitting connected  a table  and a container  of 3D-printed cocoa  words and shapes.

Decades aft their introduction, 3D printers person truly lone recovered their niche arsenic concern tools, letting companies rapidly churn retired prototype iterations for testing. But the Cocoa Press could yet assistance 3D printing spell mainstream, due to the fact that alternatively of melted plastic, it creates things from melted chocolate, which solidify into intricately elaborate objects that are wholly edible.

Image for nonfiction  titled From Portable Microwaves to Self-Heating Baby Bottles, These Were March's Coolest and Weirdest Gadgets

Image: DJI

Making the DJI Avata FPV drone an adjacent amended proposition for those conscionable getting into drone flying, DJI has updated its Goggles 2 video headset to the Goggles Integra, which integrates the artillery battalion onto the backmost of the headstrap, eliminating immoderate dangling wires. DJI besides updated its question power formation instrumentality with the RC Motion 2 controller, which includes a much-improved joystick and a trigger allowing for casual transitions to reverse flight.

Had Nintendo’s designers decided to cannibiaize the GBA SP to make the dual-screen Nintendo DS, it astir apt would person looked a batch similar this customized creation shown disconnected by the YouTube transmission Gameboy Custom. The instauration looks polished capable to person travel from Nintendo itself, but its bizarre ergonomics assistance explicate wherefore Nintendo went a wholly antithetic way for the DS.

The Netgear RS700 wifi 7 router sitting connected  a wood   table  adjacent  to a smartphone and laptop computer.

Image: Netgear

Are you arrogant of your home’s precocious upgraded wifi 6E wireless network? Too bad, due to the fact that company’s similar Netgear are already introducing wifi 7 hardware, contempt the modular not being officially finalized yet. So wherefore should you walk different $700 connected wifi upgrades? The accustomed promises: faster speeds, little congestion, and bragging rights implicit your nerdy friends.

HP Dragonfly Pro

Photo: Jackie Thomas / Gizmodo

If you’re looking for a laptop that conscionable works, and 1 that doesn’t person you pouring done enactment forums trying to fig retired wherefore this oregon that diagnostic isn’t working, the HP Dragonfly Pro allows users to rapidly propulsion up a chat with an IT pro, though astatine an added monthly cost. Even if you don’t wage for the other help, the Dragonfly Pro is simply a coagulated Windows instrumentality for $1,399, but you’ll privation to debar the cheaper $999 Chromebook model, which cuts artillery beingness from 11 hours down to hardly six.

Image of a New 2DS XL

Photo: Gizmodo

Speaking of Nintendo’s handhelds, March besides marked the extremity of a precise circumstantial era, arsenic the institution officially shut down entree to its eShop for the Wii U and 3DS/2DS enactment of consoles. As of March 27, games tin nary longer beryllium purchased digitally connected immoderate of those devices, but bundle updates and DLC volition inactive beryllium available, and purchases made earlier March 27 tin beryllium downloaded again successful the future.

OLED screens acold outperform LCD displays erstwhile it comes to opposition ratio, but you wage a premium for the improved performance. What if determination was a mode to marque an LCD look arsenic bully arsenic an OLED panel? It turns retired determination is, if you don’t caput rather a spot of DIY finagling. Matt Perks from the YouTube transmission DIY Perks was capable to make a dual-layer LCD display that looks amazingly bully for being hacked hardware.

A Climfeet insole being inserted into a tan colored formal  shoe.

It sounds similar an intolerable claim, but the Climfeet insoles committedness to either lukewarm oregon chill the wearer’s feet utilizing conscionable the question of the steps they take. The insoles are made of a grid of sealed bubbles: each having 2 abstracted chambers. As the idiosyncratic walks, aerial is forced backmost and distant betwixt each chamber, and depending connected which broadside is facing up, it tin efficaciously nutrient a somesthesia difference, adjacent if it’s conscionable a fewer degrees.

The Abxylute handheld with a crippled  connected  surface  featuring a fiery volcano, leaning against an unseen enactment    portion    sitting connected  a table.

Image: Abxylute

The occupation we’ve had with astir handheld crippled streaming devices, including the Logitech G Cloud and the Razer Edge, is their price. Why walk $350-$400 connected a instrumentality with constricted capabilities (all they truly request to bash is watercourse data) erstwhile Valve’s Steam Deck is simply a full-blown handheld PC for $399? The Abxylute promises to bash everything different handheld crippled streamers tin do, but astatine a $229 terms point—or $199 if you backmost its Kickstarter.

Lego goes retired of its mode to debar producing sets based connected weapons of war—you’ll ne'er find a accepted Army vessel oregon Air Force combatant pitchy successful its lineup—but possibly if capable of america constitute to the institution with large bittersweet puppy canine eyes, it volition cave and crook this remarkably sturdy Lego lightsaber, designed and built by the YouTube transmission Brick Science, into a existent set.

A heap  of Apple Inside stickers connected  a achromatic  desktop with an Apple keyboard disposable   successful  the corner.

For Apple fans envious of their PC pals utilizing laptops plastered successful stickers promoting the hardware inside, Vinoth Ragunathan created the equivalent for MacBooks. They merchantability a postulation of holographic stickers featuring the names of Apple’s latest and top in-house silicon, which you tin usage to adorn your laptop and fto everyone other successful the java store cognize what’s nether the hood of your MacBook.

The Mandalorian Grogu Collectible AirPods Pro Case shown opened astatine  the cervix  revealing Apple AirPods Pro inside.

If you conflict to instrumentality attraction of your wireless earbuds, oregon conscionable find yourself often frustrated erstwhile the charging lawsuit disappears heavy into your bag, Casetify’s Grogu case is the solution. It wraps the Apple AirPods Pro and AirPods Pro 2 successful a elephantine vinyl recreation of Baby Yoda’s head, portion inactive allowing casual entree to the buds inside. It’s cute, but is it $70 cute?

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