Garth Brooks Weight Loss Gummies Ads Are a Scam

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A societal media station oregon website reports that Garth Brooks endorsed CBD oregon keto value nonaccomplishment gummies.



Despite what immoderate online scammers would person you believe, state euphony prima Garth Brooks has ne'er endorsed keto fare value nonaccomplishment gummies, nor has helium placed his stamp of support connected CBD gummies.

As of June 2023, Brooks' representation and likeness were being utilized successful paid ads connected Facebook and Instagram arsenic if helium had mislaid value with the purported "miracle" product.

Some of these ads adjacent appeared to see audio recordings of Brooks talking. This audio had been faked with the usage of artificial quality (AI) voice-replication tools.

We promote each readers to support successful caput 1 spot of proposal erstwhile they spot advertizing for value nonaccomplishment "miracle" supplements: If it seems excessively bully to beryllium true, it astir apt is.

The Facebook and Instagram ads that featured Brooks led to a fake nonfiction that was designed to fool readers into believing they were speechmaking from Time magazine. However, this nonfiction was not hosted by

The strange, scammy, and fictional nonfiction showed the headline, "REVEALED: Trisha Yearwood Forces Garth Brooks to Melt 50 Lbs of Diabetic Belly Fat successful Just 6 Weeks...And They Did It Together!"

Again, each of this was a scam, and Brooks had thing to bash with immoderate value nonaccomplishment gummies.

We antecedently reported that state euphony prima Trisha Yearwood, who is Brooks' wife, was being featured successful value nonaccomplishment gummies scams contempt having perfectly thing to bash with them. Other musicians who've had their representation and likeness utilized for value nonaccomplishment gummies scams included Tim McGraw, Kelly Clarkson, and Miranda Lambert, conscionable to sanction a few.

If we had to impart conscionable 1 portion of proposal to our readers who whitethorn person been scammed by CBD oregon keto gummies ads, it would beryllium to alert your recognition paper institution of the concern to pass them that you person been the unfortunate of a fake personage endorsement scam. The crushed is simple: These scams often enroll customers successful recurring fees for a subscription that volition complaint hundreds of dollars per period until it's canceled.

We counsel readers to enactment acold distant from immoderate expected value nonaccomplishment products successful cases wherever it's hard to find accusation regarding the radical oregon genitor companies successful complaint of them. A deficiency of identifying accusation connected an online store tin beryllium a large motion that you're staring astatine a scam.

For much astir these value nonaccomplishment gummies scams, we urge reading done our past reporting.


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