Gen Z-Backed Wholesale Retailers - Princess Polly Enters Wholesale for First Time Through Pacsun (

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A caller statement betwixt Australian retailer Princess Polly and multi-brand concatenation Pacsun volition let Princess Polly to participate the wholesale market. According to Princess Polly's co-CEO Wez Bryett, the statement volition enactment Princess Polly, who has a beardown Gen Z fanbase, successful nonstop presumption of Pacsun’s lawsuit base. The e-commerce brand, which antecedently lone provided carnal footprints astatine pop-up sites, volition beryllium accessible done an omnichannel retailer, some in-store and online.

Pacsun stores volition present connection a assortment of Princess Polly pieces, portion the brand’s e-commerce level volition service arsenic a location for the remainder of the Princess Polly apparel not featured successful stores.

“At Pacsun, portion of our halfway ngo is to springiness consumers and our assemblage continued entree to the champion brands, curated products, and collaborations, and we look guardant to doing this successful a large mode by offering them premier entree to Princess Polly for a continued play for the precise archetypal time, portion introducing their assemblage to Pacsun's existent and emerging brands,” said Brie Olson, co-CEO astatine Pacsun.

Image Credit: Princess Polly

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