Get a versatile Japanese chef knife for $79.97 this Father's Day

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Deal pricing and availability taxable to alteration aft clip of publication.

TL;DR: Through June 11, you tin snag the Kiru Knife Kitchen Master 8-Inch Chef Knife(opens successful a caller tab) for lone $79.97 alternatively of $156.99. That's a savings of astir 50%.

Father's Day acquisition buying isn't ever easy, but a bully spot to commencement is with his hobbies. If your dada is simply a whiz successful the kitchen, springiness him a acquisition that volition marque nutrient prep easier and faster, not to notation much enjoyable. Whether he's cutting a heavy slab of meat, chopping veggies, oregon deftly slicing the crusts disconnected a caller sandwich, the Kiru Knife™ Kitchen Master 8-Inch Chef Knife could beryllium conscionable the happening for dads that emotion to cook(opens successful a caller tab). Normally, you'd person to driblet $156.99 connected this peculiar knife, but until June 11, you tin get it for lone $79.97. Order by June 5 if you privation it to get by Father's Day. 

Take a stab astatine a prime cook weapon for gourmet dads 

If your dad needs a caller multipurpose cook weapon that's designed to last(opens successful a caller tab), this leaf is constructed with 67 layers of high-carbon stainless alloy cladding and a Japanese VG10 cutting core. The Kiru weapon has been sharpened and polished successful 3 stages until it has been brought to an awesome 8° to 12°. Plus, the striking feather signifier makes this leaf aesthetically pleasing to boot. 

Even the G-10 Garolite grip merges signifier and function. The colors whitethorn beryllium vibrant and eye-catching, but this grip is besides designed to beryllium resistant to heat, cold, and moisture. The ergonomic plan could besides support your dada from getting sore aft a agelong chopping session. Make definite to battalion immoderate wine pairings for the Father's Day cookout. 

A acquisition for the dada chef 

Prices taxable to change. 

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