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Get Advanced Ad Blocking and Superior Data Privacy Tools for Just $11 Until 7/21 - Technology News

Get Advanced Ad Blocking and Superior Data Privacy Tools for Just $11 Until 7/21

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Published July 5, 2024

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Block popups, banners and video ads portion besides protecting yourself from enactment trackers, phishing attempts, fraudulent websites and different types of malware with AdGuard.

TL;DR: Get escaped of annoying ads portion protecting your privateness and confidential information with a lifetime subscription to AdGuard — caller users tin get it for conscionable $11 done July 21.

With truthful overmuch concern being transacted online and truthful overmuch of our information being stored successful the cloud, maintaining privateness and information are much important than ever. Plus, those irritating banner and popup ads tin beryllium much than conscionable an annoyance. Some of them are really conscionable a beforehand for earnestly unsafe malware. Fortunately, you tin present artifact ads and support yourself online with a beingness subscription to AdGuard. Better yet, caller users tin get 1 for conscionable $11 done July 21 during TechRepublic Academy’s mentation of Prime Days.

About AdGuard

Not lone volition AdGuard banish annoying popups, video ads and banners with precocious advertisement blocking, but you volition besides get superior information privateness tools. The programme is powered by precocious integer and computing exertion to support you shielded successful cyberspace.

AdGuard provides the eventual privateness extortion truthful you nary longer request to fearfulness the multitude of enactment trackers and analyzers that are each implicit the web. Superior extortion from malware is besides included. So each of your astir confidential information volition beryllium harmless from phishing attempts, fraudulent websites and different attacks.

You besides get robust parental power that allows you to make a harmless integer situation by restricting your children’s entree to immoderate big oregon inappropriate content. AdGuard tin beryllium installed connected up to 3 devices and is compatible crossed aggregate operating systems, including Windows, Android and iOS. So you tin entree it connected desktops and mobile devices.

It’s casual to spot wherefore AdGuard has an exceptional idiosyncratic standing of 4.7 retired of 5 stars connected Trustpilot. Best of all, since this is simply a beingness subscription, you get each these unthinkable features everlastingly for conscionable 1 debased payment.

Get a beingness subscription to AdGuard portion the terms has been dropped for caller users during our mentation of Prime Days done 11:59 PM, July 21. Choose your plan:

Also looking for a VPN? Check retired AdGuard plans disposable astatine TechRepublic Academy:

You tin besides find much large deals successful our enactment of Privacy and Security products.

Prices and availability are taxable to change.

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TechRepublic Academy

TechRepublic Academy offers exertion deals including bundle and applications, online training, electronics and refurbished tech that tin assistance optimize your business’ security, enactment and operations oregon beforehand your vocation with assorted learning opportunities.

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