Get an Extra Subway Footlong for Free While You Can

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Subway sandwich shop

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For an undisclosed magnitude of time, Subway is offering bargain one, get 1 escaped footlongs erstwhile you usage the codification “BOGOFTL” astatine checkout. You tin usage the codification arsenic galore times arsenic you can, arsenic agelong arsenic they are antithetic orders—but it lone works astatine participating locations, and figuring retired whether your closest Subway is participating tin beryllium the tricky part—but we person a speedy solution for that.

Before you tin bid from the paper online (yes, the woody is lone for online orders), you request to prime which Subway you’ll beryllium ordering from. To bash so, follow this link. You’ll announcement the past 7 characters aft the adjacent motion of the URL is the “BOGOFTL” coupon code—this automatically applies the coupon for you astatine checkout.

All you request to bash present is take your closest Subway from the locator and prime your 2 footlongs; erstwhile they are successful your cart, spell to checkout. If that determination is participating, you’ll spot the discount applied to your total.

If the archetypal Subway you picked is not participating, click the store’s code adjacent to “Pickup” astatine the checkout paper to spell backmost to the locator, and effort the adjacent closest Subway. The website volition retrieve your bid and the coupon. If you followed the steps, clicking the adjacent Subway determination should instrumentality you straight to the checkout conception with the coupon applied, and you’ll spot if that store is participating oregon not. If it’s not, effort and effort again.

The escaped footlong volition beryllium the 1 of lesser value. You tin lone usage the coupon erstwhile ordering online (but you tin ever spell to the carnal store archetypal and past spot the bid connected your phone), and it can’t beryllium utilized to bid delivery. You tin lone usage it erstwhile per order, but you tin bid arsenic galore times arsenic the manager volition allow. Any add-ons volition beryllium further charges. Footlong Pro, Fresh Melts, and wraps are not included successful the deal. This is for a constricted time, truthful it could extremity astatine immoderate time.

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