Get warm and cool water from this easy-install bidet, only $99.99

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Deal pricing and availability taxable to alteration aft clip of publication.

TL;DR: As of June 1, get the BUTT BUDDY Spa Bidet Toilet Attachment (opens successful a caller tab)for conscionable $99.99 — That's a 33% discount.

Father's Day is coming up, and whether your dada wants to chopped down connected insubstantial products oregon conscionable likes a bully location luxury experience, helium mightiness bask an easy-install spa bidet attachment(opens successful a caller tab) that enhances the functionality of his porcelain throne. The BUTT BUDDY Spa Bidet Toilet Attachment is speedy to instal and adds a full caller level of soothing cleaning to your regular bath activities. Order by June 5 for $99.99 if you privation to marque definite the BUTT BUDDY arrives successful clip to unite with your dad’s toilet connected Father’s Day. 

Get your dada a bidet for Father’s Day 

The sanction mightiness beryllium silly, but this is simply a gift that could earnestly level up your dad’s bathroom. The three-step installation is elemental and lone requires you to concisely unopen disconnected the water, detach a hose from your toilet, and connect the bidet successful spot of your aged toilet seat. The modern, slim plan whitethorn acceptable astir toilets, and the power sheet is conveniently disconnected to the broadside for casual entree erstwhile you request it and an unobtrusive beingness erstwhile you don’t. This bidet doesn’t request immoderate electrical work, but it tin inactive supply lukewarm h2o connected request utilizing the built-in lukewarm h2o T-Valve Adapter. 

Once it’s installed, this bidet(opens successful a caller tab) mightiness beryllium the caller prima of the house. The knob controls h2o unit and unit portion the different controls the 2 nozzles. One is for beforehand washing portion the different targets the behind. If the full household is getting unneurotic to sojourn dada for the large day, this bidet could beryllium a victor that saves your aged antheral a full batch of toilet paper. 

Save toilet insubstantial with a bidet 

Prices taxable to change.

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