‘Glamorous’ Trailer Has Kim Cattrall In Charge Of Queer-Inclusive Beauty Empire

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Fans anxious for Kim Cattrall to measurement into Samantha Jones’ stilettos erstwhile again aboriginal this summertime can, for now, marque bash with a trailer for “Glamorous,” the “Sex and the City” icon’s forthcoming Netflix series.

“Glamorous,” owed retired June 22, follows Marco Mejia (played by vocalist and YouTube prima Miss Benny), a young queer and gender-nonconforming idiosyncratic who lands a occupation moving for world-renowned constitution mogul Madolyn Addison (Cattrall).

According to property notes, Marco’s caller relation gives the quality a “chance to fig retired what helium wants retired of life, who helium really is, and what it truly means for him to beryllium queer.” Of course, the trailer’s playful allusions to “The Devil Wears Prada,” “Ugly Betty” and, yes, “Sex and the City” are nary uncertainty deliberate.

In summation to Cattrall and Mejia, the formed of “Glamorous” besides includes Ayesha Harris, Graham Parkhurst, Jade Payton, Zane Phillips and Michael Hsu Rosen.

Watch the trailer for “Glamorous” below.

The “Glamorous” trailer arrives little than a week aft the bombshell news that Cattrall would reprise her relation arsenic Samantha Jones connected Season 2 of “And Just Like That,” Max’s “Sex and the City” revival series, which incidentally besides premieres June 22.

Cattrall played Samantha connected each six seasons of “Sex and the City” arsenic good arsenic the franchise’s 2 diagnostic films. By 2017, however, she began publically expressing her disinterest successful portraying the quality again aft a 3rd movie was scrapped amid reports of an off-screen feud with co-star Sarah Jessica Parker.

According to Variety, Cattrall’s quality connected “And Just Like That” volition beryllium constricted to a azygous country successful the play finale successful which Samantha has a telephone speech with Parker’s Carrie Bradshaw. Variety besides noted that neither Parker nor bid showrunner Michael Patrick King were contiguous connected the acceptable erstwhile Cattrall filmed her scene, which is said to instrumentality place successful a municipality car successful a New York parking garage.

Cattrall confirmed her cameo past week on societal media with the cheeky note: “Happy Pride.”

"Glamorous" begins streaming connected  Netflix connected  June 22.
"Glamorous" begins streaming connected Netflix connected June 22.


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