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Back successful 2021 I wrote that foldable phones were disappointing, offering small successful the mode of genuine innovation erstwhile it comes to however we usage our phones connected a regular basis. They're perfectly fine. But erstwhile you get implicit the novelty of a surface that bends, they're truly conscionable the aforesaid arsenic immoderate different Android phone, which is simply a problem. With little communal sizes and facet ratios being used, apps and games don't natively tally properly. Also, the assemblage is small, and developers don't person the information to enactment successful the time, effort and outgo to make their apps for unusual shapes and sizes. 

But Google mightiness alteration that soon enough, with a rumored foldable Pixel phone that could look astatine Google I/O successful May. The institution is successful a unsocial spot to code bundle concerns portion creating compelling telephone hardware that doesn't interruption the bank. 

To beryllium clear, I bash similar foldable phones. I peculiarly similar the larger "book fold" models similar the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Honor Magic Vs, which alteration from a regular-sized telephone into an astir tablet-sized device, providing much surface abstraction for videos, games and documents. I retrieve erstwhile I got the first-generation Galaxy Fold and felt genuinely excited astatine seeing the surface crook successful the middle. And I retrieve the assorted strangers who would halt and inquire to spot it erstwhile I utilized it successful nationalist -- with 1 bartender truthful entranced that helium returned the favour with a escaped beer. Score.

Samsung Galaxy Z Fold

The bigger interior show of the Galaxy Z Fold bid is large for watching videos.

Andrew Lanxon/CNET

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But the bundle is inactive wherever folding phones lag behind. Android is designed chiefly for regular candybar smartphones, which are commonly astir 6 inches to 6.8 inches successful size and person modular facet ratios similar 16:9. In different words, phones similar the Galaxy S23 Ultra oregon Pixel 7 Pro take afloat vantage of Android, and app developers plan their apps for these aforesaid signifier factors. Why? Because they're the astir commonly utilized sizes, and truthful their apps volition beryllium optimized for the widest fig of devices.

Android 12L and 13 code immoderate of the sizing issues, but not each apps are optimized and either permission excessively overmuch blank surface abstraction oregon indispensable agelong awkwardly to acceptable the screen. The Galaxy Z Fold 4, for example, has a gangly and constrictive 23.1:9 facet ratio connected the extracurricular and a much quadrate 21.6:18 facet for the interior show -- 2 nonstandard sizes that developers request to relationship for. And that's conscionable one device. 

Huawei Mate X foldable phone

Huawei's outward-folding Mate X was 1 of the earlier folding phones we saw.

Andrew Lanxon/CNET

It's the aforesaid Android fragmentation contented that has plagued the level since the beginning: Too galore antithetic devices means it's hard for developers to make for. Apple's strategy of having less show sizes and astir identical facet ratios has meant it's typically been the easier level for developers to enactment on. But Google has worked hard implicit the years to marque Android an easier tract connected which to play, and it could bash the aforesaid for foldables. 

So could a folding Pixel telephone beryllium conscionable different instrumentality for developers to conflict with? Perhaps not. If Google is committed to folding surface exertion successful its merchandise lineup, past it's harmless to presume that we volition spot immoderate cardinal updates successful Android that are specifically tailored to folding phones and antithetic signifier factors. I'd similar to spot bundle that does a amended occupation of automatically resizing apps, dual-screening erstwhile utilizing a ample show similar the Z Fold 4's oregon gathering much tricks into default apps that instrumentality vantage of interior and outer displays. 


The gangly and constrictive dimensions of the Galaxy Z Flip contiguous different dilemma for developers.

Patrick Holland/CNET

Moreover, Google volition apt enactment much intimately with its cardinal developer partners similar Samsung, helping them not lone optimize their existing apps for folding devices, but besides make wholly caller ones that tin lone beryllium done with phones of this type. These partnerships volition beryllium important to helping Google make a compelling first-generation foldable, particularly since non-folding Pixel phones relationship for just over 2% of smartphone marketplace share in the US, according to analytics steadfast StatCounter. By comparison, Samsung has astir 30% stock successful the US.

Pixel phones thin to connection an fantabulous Android acquisition packaged successful bully hardware that costs hundreds little than flagship iPhone oregon Galaxy S phones. Google partnerships volition beryllium cardinal to getting a Pixel foldable disconnected the crushed astatine an affordable price. A cheaper terms is indispensable to getting a larger assemblage that would incentivize developers to make much fold-centric apps.

Of course, determination are a batch of "ifs" and "coulds," and we don't cognize for definite if Google volition motorboat a foldable. We besides don't cognize whether Google has a strategy successful spot to promote adoption by moving with bundle developers. Google volition besides person to trust connected much than conscionable its recognizable sanction to catapult the class into the large leagues. Let's not hide that Microsoft's Surface Duo 2 isn't precisely ubiquitous, and neither is Samsung's Galaxy Z Fold.

But I'm remaining hopeful, if lone due to the fact that I request to be. Standard smartphones person go progressively dull and repetitive. For idiosyncratic who writes astir phones for a living, that's a problem. Foldables contiguous an accidental to bash things successful a antithetic and much breathtaking way, but it volition beryllium up to Google whether oregon not the class flourishes. 

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