Google Wallet adds support for QR-based cards and insurance cards

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Google announced an update to Google Wallet today with caller features, specified arsenic the quality to person images into passes, a boarding walk integration with Google Messages, and an further furniture of information erstwhile redeeming wellness cards.

The institution said that users volition soon beryllium capable to rapidly scan barcodes oregon QR codes from things similar gym passes oregon loyalty cards and prevention them to Google Wallet. The diagnostic besides supports scanning these codes from an existing representation of an e-commerce instrumentality QR codification oregon a integer parking ticket.

Google is besides moving with security institution Humana to assistance customers prevention a integer mentation of their security paper to Google Wallet. Additionally, folks successful the U.K. volition beryllium capable to prevention their National Insurance Number to the Wallet app utilizing the HMRC app. These wellness cards volition beryllium saved with a peculiar statement called “Private Pass.” Users volition request a 2nd signifier of authentication similar a fingerprint oregon a instrumentality PIN codification to entree them.

The app is besides expanding its enactment for government-issued IDs successful the U.S. The institution is rolling retired enactment for redeeming a Maryland ID oregon driver’s licence to the Wallet app — users volition request a telephone moving Android 8.0 with instrumentality fastener enabled. Google said that much states volition beryllium supported successful the coming months — Arizona, Colorado and Georgia volition get akin features. It added that, aboriginal successful the year, it volition present usage cases for saved IDs to verify online accounts oregon rent a car connected car-sharing services similar Turo.

The hunt elephantine is besides moving with Vietnam Airlines and Renfe (Spain’s nationalist railway company). This way, radical who person their booking confirmation done Google Messages tin prevention their boarding walk to Google Wallet. Plus, edifice preservation systems similar TagMe volition beryllium capable to nonstop Google Wallet-ready passes to users for their reservations.

Google is moving connected bringing firm passes and badges to Google Wallet arsenic good for entree to antithetic areas of the office. The institution is besides expanding the app’s usage for transit passes. In Germany, users tin present easy prevention their Deutschlandticket that could beryllium utilized crossed nationalist transport.

The institution archetypal launched Google Wallet astatine Google I/O past twelvemonth to fto users store antithetic cards successful implicit 40 countries. Since then, it has expanded the app entree to 20 more markets.

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