Govt targeting Imran instead of fixing economy: PTI

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Hammad Azhar. PHOTO: FILE


Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Central Punjab General Secretary Hammad Azhar fired a broadside astatine the incumbent authorities implicit the economical crisis, saying the "incompetent rulers" are engaged playing governmental games and targeting Chairman Imran Khan alternatively of focusing connected fixing the system and providing alleviation to the communal man.

While addressing a quality league present connected Saturday, helium said that the state was facing unprecedented inflation; past year, the ostentation complaint stood astatine 12.4%, which climbed to 35.4% whereas a 47% summation was seen successful the prices of nutrient items.

He said that the terms of a 20kg container of flour was Rs1,120 past twelvemonth portion contiguous it was Rs2,600.

“The three-time summation successful nutrient ostentation has been caused by precocious energy tariff and petrol prices, and devaluation of the rupee, which were overmuch little erstwhile we were successful the government,” helium said, adding that determination was nary governance successful the state and the "imported government" had a fixation with the PTI chief, arsenic the rulers "fear" him.

He besides castigated the authorities for seeking governmental mileage from escaped organisation of wheat flour, saying that a governmental play was staged to summation inexpensive popularity; they parked trucks filled with wheat flour astatine markets to amusement disconnected their mendacious interest for the people. He said that the full strategy was mismanaged, arsenic galore radical were killed and injured portion trying to get a bag.

“For their inexpensive popularity, the authorities played with the self-respect of the mediocre people; successful our tenure, we sent wealth to mediocre radical astatine their homes done our the Ehsaas Programme,” helium added.

“These tyrant rulers did not attraction astir thing but their looted wealthiness and politics. Millions of radical are jobless owed to the closure of industries successful ample numbers. The involvement complaint has reached 22% and an statement with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) is not successful sight. The system is successful a implicit mess,” helium said.

He noted that each was not lost; the system could inactive beryllium salvaged, but pugnacious economical decisions were needed.

“First, we request to bring stableness successful the country, which volition automatically stabilise the economy, and for this contiguous escaped and just elections should beryllium held,” helium added.

He besides came down hard connected Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N) supremo Nawaz Sharif for threatening the Supreme Court (SC), saying helium took an NRO (amnesty) to wide his corruption cases worthy Rs1,100 billion.

“He was threatening the courts and the strategy of Pakistan. In his caller quality conference, helium implied that if the apex tribunal gives a determination according to the Constitution and law, the worth of the rupee volition further decline,” helium added.

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