Halle Bailey's Glossy Jumbo Twists Are My Favorite Look On Her Yet — See the Photos

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Halle Bailey has been engaged traveling from reddish carpet to reddish carpet arsenic portion of the property circuit for The Little Mermaid, and portion each that question has to beryllium exhausting for the star, it's great for hairsbreadth inspiration. Bailey keeps bringing retired look aft look aft look for premieres and screenings, including the ace glossy jumbo twists she wore for a caller halt successful Atlanta, Georgia.

Bailey hosted a screening of the highly anticipated Disney live-action remake with her dark cherry cola hair styled successful long, shiny escaped twists parted profoundly to 1 broadside and cascading down to her hips. The heavy red color was a saccharine motion to Ariel, and the twists paired perfectly with Bailey's much casual look; she ditched the glam gowns successful favour of an aqua harvest apical and matching turquoise satin trousers with a classical bluish denim overgarment layered implicit the top.

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