How to Prepare Your Business for the EU AI Act With KPMG’s EU AI Hub

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The EU AI Hub, launched past week by AI information steadfast Cranium with KPMG and Microsoft, is simply a work designed to assistance businesses successful complying with the recently adopted EU AI Act. With adept proposal and bespoke technologies, users volition beryllium taken done a bid of steps to place what parts of the AI Act use to their products and what they request to bash to comply.

On March 13, 2024, the European Union Parliament voted the AI Act into law. This means businesses that connection AI products successful the portion volition soon request to abide by its strict rules regarding facial recognition, safeguards and user complaints and questions.

While the EU AI Act won’t travel into unit until precocious 2024 astatine the earliest, galore companies are looking into complying with its requirements to guarantee they are prepared and bash not incur immoderate penalties. However, navigating specified broad regulations is nary mean feat, and this is wherefore the EU AI Hub was created.

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What is the EU AI Hub?

The EU AI Hub is simply a work designed to instrumentality planetary organisations done a bid of steps that volition assistance them recognize however the EU AI Act regulations use to their products and comply with and clasp AI responsibly. To execute these goals, they volition beryllium fixed entree to:

  • KPMG’s Trusted AI Framework and expertise successful strategy, transformation, technology, information sciences and assurance.
  • Cranium’s endeavor AI information platform, which captures the AI Bill of Materials, runs hazard reports and performs spread investigation against the EU AI Act framework.
  • Microsoft’s AI technologies.

“A business’s travel done the Hub volition beryllium connected wherever it presently is successful its AI journey, truthful we volition archetypal place an organisation’s objectives regarding gathering EU compliance requirements,” Daniel Christman, manager of AI programs astatine Cranium, told TechRepublic.

“We’d past place the way toward bringing a peculiar AI strategy oregon systems into a compliant state, and we would leverage the Cranium exertion platform, KPMG services and Microsoft exertion and expertise to find and instrumentality the applicable controls and oversight to execute compliance.”

Resources provided by the Hub volition guarantee each of the business’s AI implementations are compliant, applicable for their requirements and ethically sound. Businesses tin enactment with experts from the archetypal strategy and plan of AI technologies each the mode done deployment and optimisation, utilizing input from regulators and applicable stakeholders.

Christman is presently unsure astir however agelong it volition instrumentality a Hub idiosyncratic to scope compliance, though helium hopes they volition beryllium capable to “scale compliance crossed aggregate AI systems overmuch faster” than if they were to effort it alone.

Sean Redmond, manager of the EU AI Hub, said successful a press release, “Compliance with the EU AI Act and different regulatory frameworks shouldn’t beryllium seen arsenic a artifact to innovation/ideation, but alternatively supply the guardrails that alteration organizations to experimentation with AI and present worth to their businesses and customers.”

How overmuch does it outgo to usage the EU AI Hub?

“Pricing volition flex based connected what the concern is looking to execute successful the Hub,” Christman told TechRepublic. “Simply leveraging immoderate of the expertise and cognition volition beryllium nary to minimal cost, with much intensive work proviso and exertion implementation bringing further investment.”

Which businesses should see utilizing the EU AI Hub?

The EU AI Act volition use straight to businesses located successful the 27 EU subordinate states and immoderate businesses with customers successful those states, careless of their location. These businesses could beryllium providers, deployers, importers oregon distributors of AI systems and whitethorn see utilizing the EU AI Hub to guarantee compliance.

Christman told TechRepublic, “Many planetary businesses are inactive struggling to get their AI systems ready. Given that the last requirements lone precocious passed the last ineligible hurdles, this is somewhat to beryllium expected — but it volition inactive beryllium a situation for organisations to standard compliance crossed the enterprise.

“Primarily, organisations person a large situation successful capturing the afloat inventory of AI systems being developed internally, arsenic good arsenic those included successful third-party tools and services.”

Developers of AI systems deemed to beryllium “high risk” volition person to conscionable definite obligations to comply with the AI Act, including the mandatory appraisal of however their AI systems mightiness interaction the cardinal rights of citizens. This applies to the security and banking sectors, arsenic good arsenic immoderate AI systems with “significant imaginable harm to health, safety, cardinal rights, environment, ideology and the regularisation of law.”

Providers of general-purpose AI systems indispensable besides conscionable definite transparency requirements nether the AI Act; this includes creating method documentation, complying with European copyright laws and providing elaborate accusation astir the information utilized to bid AI instauration models. The regularisation applies to models utilized for generative AI systems similar OpenAI’s ChatGPT.

What is the deadline for compliance with the EU AI Act?

While the AI Act was approved successful March, determination are inactive a fewer steps to beryllium taken earlier businesses indispensable abide by its regulations. The EU AI Act indispensable archetypal beryllium published successful the EU Official Journal, which is expected to hap successful June oregon July this year. It volition participate into unit 20 days aft publication, but the requirements of the AI Act volition use successful stages:

  • Bans connected prohibited practices volition use six months aft introduction into force, truthful astir December 2024.
  • Codes of signifier volition spell into effect 9 months aft introduction into force, truthful astir March 2025.
  • General-purpose AI rules, including governance, volition spell into effect 12 months aft introduction into force, truthful astir June 2025.
  • Obligations for high-risk systems volition spell into effect 36 months aft introduction into force, truthful astir June 2027.

The EU AI Act volition use successful its entirety 24 months aft its introduction into force.

What are the penalties for breaching the EU AI Act?

Companies that neglect to comply with the EU AI Act look fines ranging from €35 cardinal ($38 cardinal USD) oregon 7% of planetary turnover, to €7.5 cardinal ($8.1 cardinal USD) oregon 1.5% of turnover, depending connected the infringement and size of the company.

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