How to Use Microsoft Bing’s AI Image Generator

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Superhero dogs connected  skateboards.

Superhero dogs connected skateboards.Screenshot: Jake Peterson

AI is everyplace close now, particularly successful large tech. Microsoft is 1 of those important players, rolling retired an AI-ready Bing hunt powered by ChatGPT past month. If you applied for the waitlist and got in, you mightiness person had amusive exploring however AI tin alteration the mode you hunt the web. But it’s not conscionable astir search: Microsoft besides added an AI creation generator to its level you tin usage to make thing you tin deliberation of. You conscionable request to cognize wherever to look.

You’d beryllium forgiven for not knowing astir Bing’s AI representation generator, adjacent if you’re an avid idiosyncratic of the platform. Microsoft does not marque it evident that its AI is equipped with an representation generator, at slightest if you don’t support up with its latest property releases. That’s apt owed successful portion to the information that Bing’s representation generator is baked straight into the chat feature. Just arsenic Bing’s AI is powered by OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Bing’s AI creation generator is powered by OpenAI’s DALL·E 2.

After having a human-like speech with Bing, you tin power gears and inquire it to marque you something. Or, you tin usage the authoritative Bing Image Creator tract to skip implicit the tiny talk. The champion portion of the Image Creator tract is you don’t request to beryllium signed up for the Bing Preview to effort it. As agelong arsenic you person a Microsoft account, you tin effort retired the representation generator close now.

How to entree Bing’s hidden AI representation generator

First, spell to the official Bing Image Creator site and motion into your account. If you signed up for the Bing Preview, you tin besides entree the representation generator from Bing Chat successful Microsoft Edge. Open a caller chat, past acceptable the code of responses from the default “More Balanced” to “More Creative.” This mounting volition springiness the AI much leniency to marque originative decisions with your queries, subsequently unlocking the creation generator.

Either way, dictate what you’d similar to see. For example, I asked Bing to make maine an iced java successful outer space. Bing takes a infinitesimal to “think,” earlier it kickstarts the representation generation. If you usage “boosts,” you tin velocity up the clip it takes to make images, but the mean speeds are much than acceptable erstwhile playing astir with the tool.


Groovy.Screenshot: Jake Peterson

AI whitethorn travel to alteration conscionable astir everything we bash successful our integer lives. Until then, it’s amusive to usage to marque anserine crap similar this:

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Image: Jake Peterson

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