How to watch 'Trixie and Katya Live: The Last Show' from your living room

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Watch 'Trixie and Katya Live: The Last Show' from your surviving country with these deals:

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Looking for a amusive mode to footwear disconnected Pride Month and springiness backmost to the LGBTQ community? Drag superstar drama duo Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova are bringing their record-breaking theatrical amusement to surviving rooms crossed the satellite and benefitting the Drag Isn't Dangerous(opens successful a caller tab) money successful the process.

Though they precocious wrapped their Trixie and Katya Live! tour, the dynamic duo wanted to springiness it a due send-off with a livestream fans tin bask astatine home. Trixie and Katya. Live: The Last Show(opens successful a caller tab) volition beryllium disposable arsenic a planetary livestream from June 1 done 14 only. “Even the astir homophobic zip codes successful the satellite volition beryllium capable to bask this wholesome romp,” Mattel said successful a property release.

If you missed the groundbreaking unrecorded circuit oregon you privation to relive the resistance imagination team's show from your couch, here's what you request to know.

What is Trixie and Katya Live: The Last Show?

Trixie and Katya Live! mixes drama and euphony into a kooky and entertaining resistance amusement spectacular. The Last Show is an edited compilation of 14 antithetic Trixie and Katya unrecorded shows filmed passim the tour, giving at-home viewers a glimpse into the unrecorded experience.

Fans besides person the enactment to entree bonus behind-the-scenes contented and confessionals from the formed and unit with a Series Pass upgrade.

How does the livestream springiness back?

Both Trixie Mattel and Katya Zamolodchikova saw the planetary livestream arsenic an unthinkable accidental to springiness backmost to the LGBTQ community. Thus, they're pledging — on with their squad astatine Obsessed — a minimum of $50,000 to the Drag Isn't Dangerous fund(opens successful a caller tab). Plus, a dollar from each livestream summons volition besides spell toward the fund, meaning you'll beryllium giving backmost arsenic well.

“I americium truthful blessed to squad up with this foundation endeavor due to the fact that the lone information successful drag is feeling TOO bully astir yourself and loving toward others," Mattel commented.

How to ticker Trixie and Katya Live: The Last Show

Trixie and Katya. Live: The Last Show volition beryllium streaming exclusively connected Veeps from June 1 to 14. Veeps is simply a streaming work that offers unrecorded concerts and events from anyplace successful the world. Instead of paying a subscription fee, you bargain tickets to the events of your choosing and tune into the watercourse from immoderate internet-connected device.

For entree to The Last Show livestream, you'll person to purchase a summons from Veeps for $19.99(opens successful a caller tab). This gives you entree to the show, which streams unrecorded astatine 9 p.m. ET, and gets you 48 hours of rewatch access.

Want adjacent much Trixie and Katya? For an other $10 you tin snag a bid pass(opens successful a caller tab), which includes livestream entree arsenic good arsenic exclusive behind-the-scenes contented and confessionals from the formed and unit for the full streaming period. Considering a summons to the unrecorded lawsuit would've tally you astatine slightest treble the cost, these livestream tickets are rather the steal. Plus, knowing a information of your summons terms is going toward the Drag Isn't Dangerous money makes it worthwhile if you're a protagonist of the creation form.

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