I found true love and a happy marriage using this 90s-style blueprint. It will work for you, too

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I precocious saw a tweet by a young pistillate that read, "Do joined radical ticker Gen Z dating and consciousness similar they caught the past chopper retired of Nam?" The abbreviated reply is yes, that’s precisely however we feel, and I’m going to explicate why.

My hubby Sean and I recently came to the realization that had we encountered each different connected a dating app, today’s preferred method for uncovering love, I astir apt would not person "swiped right" and we ne'er would person fallen successful love, got married, and had 9 beauteous kids together.

Sean and I met successful the astir 90s mode imaginable — done an MTV world amusement called "The Real World," wherever we had our lives taped for six months and packaged into 23 heavy edited episodes acceptable to the soundtrack of "The Smashing Pumpkins" and "The Counting Crows." I was connected the 3rd play filmed successful San Francisco and Sean was connected the sixth play changeable successful a Boston firehouse. Following Sean’s season, MTV decided to nonstop 1 formed subordinate from each of the archetypal 5 seasons connected a spin-off question escapade amusement called "Road Rules All-Stars."


Both Sean and I were formed and the precise archetypal infinitesimal we laid eyes connected each different was captured connected tape. Sounds romanticist enough, but it wasn’t emotion astatine archetypal sight. 

For the adjacent month, portion Sean and I traveled unneurotic with different castmates passim the U.S. and New Zealand, Sean invested a batch of his clip flirting with me. Even aft the show, erstwhile we parted ways, helium continued to prosecute me, racking up his long-distance telephone bills and uncovering excuses to travel to L.A. wherever helium knew helium would spot me.

Had Sean and I met successful 2023, I’m convinced we’d ne'er beryllium married. The disconnected and superficial quality of modern dating civilization is sidesplitting romance and marriage.

After 5 months, erstwhile helium thought helium was inactive stuck successful the person zone, we went retired to breakfast. We spent 3 hours laughing and thoroughly enjoying each other’s institution and astatine immoderate constituent during that meal I realized that this speech and Sean’s institution was precisely what I wanted for the remainder of my life. 

When the waitress poured our past cupful of coffee, I suddenly, and to Sean’s full shock, declared to Sean that I was going to wed him. The mode helium tells it, that was decidedly mode much than helium was looking for, but we’ve been unneurotic ever since.  

Dagen McDowell and Sean Duffy co-host "The Bottom Line," which airs weekdays astatine  6 p.m. ET. 

Dagen McDowell and Sean Duffy co-host "The Bottom Line," which airs weekdays astatine 6 p.m. ET.  (Fox News)

Had Sean and I met successful 2023, I’m convinced we’d ne'er beryllium married. The disconnected and superficial quality of modern dating culture is sidesplitting romance and marriage. We request to bring backmost the creation of flirting, and present are 5 ways to bash it. 

1. Falling successful emotion takes time, don’t marque drawback judgments

It took clip for maine to autumn successful emotion with Sean, to get past immoderate of the superficial things that were holding maine back. Dating apps promote you to marque drawback judgments astir radical based connected superficial criteria. By giving you the quality to curate your "perfect mate" — down to their tallness and nonstop geographical determination — you extremity up eliminating perchance large prospects.  


My archetypal content of Sean was that his hair, apparel and glasses were beauteous dorky. I’m truthful grateful we hung retired agelong capable for maine to spot his kindness and bully nature. Turns retired that underneath the atrocious apparel was a buff, lumberjack athlete.  Once we started earnestly dating, helium agreed to a caller haircut and glasses. Problem solved.

2. Stop texting 

When Sean and I traveled for that period together, we didn’t have compartment phones — that’s close — nary 1 had compartment phones successful 1997! So we spent a batch of clip talking, flirting, making oculus contact, speechmaking each other’s assemblage language, and being successful the moment.  Our heads were not successful our phones.

Rachel Campos-Duffy hosts "Fox & Friends Weekend."

Rachel Campos-Duffy hosts "Fox & Friends Weekend." (Fox News)

There was nary posting astir our travel connected Instagram and trying to marque it look cooler than it was. We lived authentically, not virtually, filling our clip with fun, societal outings with friends and agelong philosophical and hilarious conversations.

The occupation with texting is that it tends to artificially accelerate feelings of intimacy, and radical consciousness much comfy saying and sending things they would ne'er bash successful person.  There’s simply nary substitute for real, in-person conversations and the earthy progression successful a narration that comes from it.

My astir important proposal to azygous radical is the value of making your emotion beingness your fig 1 priority. 

We didn’t cognize it astatine the time, but acknowledgment to the tech-limited satellite we were surviving in, we were gathering up captious societal skills that would assistance our emotion lives agelong into the future. These are the skills young radical are losing, but could easy regain if they deliberately tried to day 80s oregon 90s style.  

3. If you're single, don’t enactment from home 

Sadly,COVID lockdowns, acold excessively galore young radical person grown accustomed to moving from home, which has turned into dating from location and an wide convenience-based attack to life.

During their premier dating years, millions of young singles are prematurely becoming location bodies, who similar the convenience of hunting for emotion virtually, ordering successful GrubHub, and calling it a night. That’s not surviving and it decidedly won’t pb to happiness oregon love.

The Duffy household  starts their Christmas aboriginal  by celebrating the play   of Advent. 

The Duffy household starts their Christmas aboriginal by celebrating the play of Advent.  (Courtesy Duffy family/Jessica Kopecky)

Working from location means you don’t person to bash your hairsbreadth oregon formal to impress. It besides means you miss retired connected friendships that mightiness pb to romance. "MeToo" and fears of intersexual harassment person made workplace relationships much treacherous than ever.  

But possibly immoderate of the disorder is that young radical person mislaid the quality to work the signals. It’s conscionable easier to marque the enactment spot disconnected limits for love. I deliberation that’s bittersweet due to the fact that it’s a much earthy and integrated mode to conscionable and web with different singles. Besides, what would "Grey’s Anatomy" oregon Bruce Willis’ 1980s hit, "Moonlighting," beryllium without workplace romance?

4. Opposites don’t attract 

One of the things I’ve learned from 24 years of matrimony is that opposites don’t attract. At slightest not for the agelong haul. I’ve been asked galore times, should Republicans wed Democrats? My abbreviated reply is nary due to the fact that authorities uncover values.


The concealed to a great narration and marriage is to person arsenic galore interests and foundational values successful communal arsenic possible. Get to cognize each other’s household stories and backgrounds, spiritual practices, and traditions.

On the surface, Sean and I mightiness not look similar a lucifer — he’s an easy-going lumberjack jock from the precocious Midwest and I americium a feisty Hispanic miss from Arizona. But we are some Catholic and to some of us, household was everything. Plus we some had conscionable gone done a beauteous intense, psychologically grueling, and life-changing acquisition of starring successful a fashionable world TV show. At the clip we met, it was hard to cognize if idiosyncratic was truly into us, oregon conscionable our 15 minutes of fame. When it came to the important things successful life, we had tons successful common.

5. Prioritize your emotion life

My astir important proposal to azygous radical is the value of making your emotion beingness your fig 1 priority. I cognize it’s wholly counter-cultural. But if you conscionable and wed the close person, I committedness everything other successful life, including your passions and vocation dreams, volition beryllium easier to achieve.


The information is that corporations don’t emotion you, and your brag volition not beryllium holding your manus erstwhile you're connected your deathbed. Your spouse and children will, though, but lone if you instrumentality clip to put successful your emotion beingness now. 

So if dating apps aren’t moving for you, don’t despair. My proposal to this procreation of singles is to instrumentality a leafage from the ‘80s and ’90s and commencement surviving authentically alternatively of virtually.

For much proposal and tips connected improving your emotion life, cheque retired our podcast "From the Kitchen Table."


Rachel Campos-Duffy serves arsenic a co-host of FOX & Friends Weekend and co-host of From the Kitchen Table podcast with her hubby Sean Duffy.

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