If You're an Aritzia Shopper, Add These 8 Stores to Your Repertoire

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I ne'er shopped astatine Aritzia until I moved to New York, but erstwhile I started, it became precise hard for maine to stop. I learned astir the marque erstwhile my roommate started receiving much packages than I could count, and erstwhile I saw the cute basics and fun dresses, I was hooked. If you emotion Aritzia arsenic overmuch arsenic I bash but privation to subdivision out, effort buying astatine these 8 stores — due to the fact that erstwhile the close pieces travel along, they're bound to adhd a small much magic to your closet.

What makes Aritzia truthful unsocial and fashionable is that it's a one-stop store for everything, whether you privation minimalist and flattering swimsuits, casual dresses, oregon high-quality, comfy jeans. We recovered immoderate large brands offering affordable, prime picks with akin styles that are due for everything — from going to the bureau oregon attending a wedding. If you person a play brunch with friends coming up, a enactment you privation to look your champion for, oregon are dreaming of a time spent astatine the beach, we uncovered stores with high-quality apparel that lucifer the vibe of Aritzia.

Keep speechmaking to store our apical picks that volition marque you consciousness chill and on-trend.

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