Imran Khan's social media focal person Azhar Mashwani returns home

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Azhar Mashwani with his household  subordinate   connected  March 31, 2023. — Twitter/@alinashigri Azhar Mashwani with his household subordinate connected March 31, 2023. — Twitter/@alinashigri

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman Imran Khan's social media focal idiosyncratic Azhar Mashwani connected Friday reached location safely, aft allegedly being “missing” for respective days.

Taking to his authoritative Twitter handle, Mashwani wrote: “Alhamdulillah, I person conscionable returned location harmless and sound. Your prayers, efforts, and enactment successful these 8 days person indebted america everlastingly — Jazak Allah. We commune that our different captive workers volition interruption [their] accelerated with their families soon.”

It is pertinent to notation present that past week, Mashwani was picked up by the police. The charges levelled astatine him seemingly included disapproval of the Punjab constabulary and the caretaker authorities for targeting PTI workers.

On March 23, Khan took to Twitter to assertion that his “social media focal idiosyncratic Azhar Mashwani” had been “kidnapped” from Lahore.

In his tweet, Imran Khan said: “Enough is enough. Police successful Punjab & Islamabad are breaking each laws with impunity arsenic they people PTI. Today Azhar Mashwani was abducted successful the day from Lahore & his whereabouts are unknown. On 18 March Senator Shibli Faraz & Omar Sultan were severely beaten by ICT police.”

Three days aft Khan alleged Mashwani has been abducted, a sessions tribunal instructed the Lahore constabulary to registry a lawsuit implicit Mashwani’s alleged abduction.

Over the weekend, the constabulary registered a lawsuit against “unidentified persons” for kidnapping the PTI media person.

The First Incident Report (FIR) alleged that Mashwani had been missing since March 23. He was going to Zaman Park successful a cab, connected the said day, erstwhile his mobile telephone was switched disconnected and helium seemed to go unreachable.

Mashwani’s member successful the FIR claimed that helium had been kidnapped by “unidentified people” and taken to an undisclosed location.

Yesterday, Mashwani's member filed an exertion to the Lahore High Court, requesting that Mashwani beryllium recovered and produced earlier the court.

The tribunal past directed FIA to nutrient Mashwari successful tribunal by April 3. 

The PTI besides launched a countrywide protestation against the “illegal abduction” of its SMT members.

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