‘Imran responsible for current crises’

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information curate  marriyum aurangzeb photograph  app file

Information Minister Marriyum Aurangzeb. PHOTO: APP/FILE


Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb connected Saturday said it was precocious clip to prevention the younker from “Fitna” (mischief) of Imran Khan who was solely liable for the prevailing economic, governmental and law crises.

“We volition prevention the state from Imran Khan, who is bent upon creating chaos and anarchy by misleading the youth,” the curate said successful a quality connection portion reacting to Imran Khan’s remarks successful an enactment with journalists.

She said the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) main had not lone deceived the masses but besides lied to them, but clip had travel for their emancipation from “evil similar Imran Khan”.

Marriyum said Imran Khan had promised to extremity corruption successful 90 days and vowed to rectify the governance and economical concern wrong archetypal 100 days of his authorities tenure.

10 cardinal jobs and 5 cardinal houses were besides portion of his promises to the federation earlier coming into power, she recalled, adding that the erstwhile premier failed to present connected each these promises.

“He besides claimed that helium would not lone bring 200 economical experts to the state from abroad, but besides instrumentality initiatives to pull $200 cardinal concern successful Pakistan, but each of those promises were thing but lies.

 “Time for Imran Khan’s deception and fraud is implicit now,” the curate said portion lashing retired astatine the PTI chief’s “facilitators who has been abetting him successful his crimes”.“Whoever assisting Imran Khan successful spreading chaos and anarchy is simply a criminal,” Marriyum said, adding each those “terrorists” who threw petrol bombs connected unit of the Law Enforcement Agencies would beryllium taken to the task.She said Imran Khan “violated the Constitution connected the whims of his facilitators who did not beryllium anymore”.

“Incompetent” Imran Khan dissolved his ain governments successful the provinces. His authorities is crumbling and helium had present go a past, she added.The curate said Imran Khan would beryllium disqualified for “his engagement successful receiving overseas funding, stealing costly wrist ticker from Toshakhana and the parental contented of Tyrian White”.

She said Imran Khan accused a overseas state for his ouster from powerfulness and past helium had enactment each the blasted connected interim Chief Minster of Punjab Mohsin Naqvi, who was present being blamed for unleashing violence, adding that Imran was doing this to deceive the masses.

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