Indictment gives Trump a political boost, but some GOP operatives wonder how long it can last

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An indictment for immoderate alleged crime, the accompanying perp locomotion and ensuing tribunal hearings whitethorn dependable similar a decease knell for a person connected the ballot. But for Donald Trump — hardly a mean person — it’s a gift.

The erstwhile president has long thrived connected chaos and turmoil arsenic he’s successfully portrayed himself to his supporters arsenic a unfortunate of the establishment, the "deep state," wide forces and the mainstream media.

And Trump’s 2024 statesmanlike campaign rapidly capitalized connected the announcement Thursday that helium would go the archetypal erstwhile president successful U.S. past to beryllium charged with a crime.


"The Radical Left – the force of the hard-working men and women of this state — person INDICTED maine successful a disgusting witch hunt," Trump claimed successful 1 of a fistful of fundraising emails his run committees sent to supporters successful the hours aft Thursday’s breaking news. 

"Please marque a publication — of genuinely immoderate magnitude — to support our question from the never-ending witch hunts and WIN the WHITE HOUSE successful 2024."

Former President Trump speaks astatine  a run  lawsuit   March 13, 2023, successful  Davenport, Iowa. 

Former President Trump speaks astatine a run lawsuit March 13, 2023, successful Davenport, Iowa.  (AP Photo/Ron Johnson)

Word of Trump’s indictment came connected the eve of the last time of fundraising successful the archetypal 4th of the year, and the expected surge successful contributions should boost the erstwhile president’s run currency numbers erstwhile they’re apt revealed successful the coming days.

Trump is expected successful New York City Tuesday aft a Manhattan expansive assemblage voted to indict him. He allegedly gave hush wealth payments to big movie histrion Stormy Daniels successful 2016 to support her quiescent up of that year’s statesmanlike predetermination implicit her claims she had intersexual encounters years earlier with Trump. The erstwhile president denies sleeping with Daniels and denies falsifying concern records to support the outgo concealed.


In the hours aft the media frenzy, astir each of Trump’s existent and imaginable rivals for the GOP information defended Trump, astir charging that the determination by Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg was a "political prosecution."

The indictment firmly puts the 2024 spotlight backmost connected Trump — wherever helium wants it — and volition marque it much hard for immoderate of his rivals to summation traction, efficaciously freezing Trump’s presumption arsenic the wide front-runner during the aboriginal legs of the superior battle.

"In the abbreviated term, there’s a rallying effect, there’s a fundraising effect, which Trump is going to afloat employ," longtime Republican strategist David Kochel, a seasoned of galore statesmanlike and Iowa-based campaigns, told Fox News.

South Carolina-based blimpish advisor Dave Wilson noted that "it gives Trump a bump successful the polls. It’s a earthy happening due to the fact that he’s getting quality sum again."

With the indictment looming, Trump had seen his pb successful the polls implicit Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis turn successful the astir caller surveys. Among those polls is one from Fox News released Wednesday that indicated Trump’s pb implicit DeSantis had doubled implicit the past month, from 15 to 30 points. 

While DeSantis remains connected the 2024 sidelines, he’s expected to motorboat a run aboriginal this outpouring oregon summertime and is seen arsenic Trump’s apical rival for the nomination.


"The rumor that Trump is going to beryllium indicted by the territory lawyer successful Manhattan has helped him rather a spot among Republican superior voters," Republican pollster Daron Shaw, who conducts Fox News surveys with Democrat Chris Anderson, said earlier this week up of the indictment news. "They presumption the lawsuit arsenic politically motivated, and it reanimates feelings that Trump is inactive warring forces they spot arsenic corrupt and retired of control."

Donald Trump is the archetypal  erstwhile  president   to beryllium  indicted connected  transgression  charges.

Donald Trump is the archetypal erstwhile president to beryllium indicted connected transgression charges. (Saul Loeb/AFP via Getty Images)

Shaw said the indictment "is rallying Republicans to Trump, making Trump’s claims dependable much legitimate" and making it "more hard … for the different Republicans to get oxygen."

Andrew Smith, manager of the University of New Hampshire’s survey center, noted that "based connected past performance, the benignant of atrocious quality that would typically hide a campaigner volition apt occurrence up Trump’s base."

But the large question is whether a short-term bounce is sustainable. And arsenic details of Trump’s alleged engagement with Daniels grabs outsized attraction successful the days and weeks ahead, volition the erstwhile president endure repercussions with societal blimpish voters who play an outsized relation successful Republican authorities successful Iowa and South Carolina, the archetypal and 3rd states successful the GOP’s statesmanlike nominating calendar?


"Longer word — we request to cognize more," Kochel noted. "That worldly volition rotation retired implicit the adjacent respective weeks and months arsenic you spell done the process. Iowa evangelicals aren’t going to similar proceeding astir the erstwhile president paying disconnected a porn star. There’s the imaginable for it to beryllium a antagonistic successful the agelong term."

But Kochel emphasized that "Trump is precise bully successful going to guns erstwhile he’s challenged similar this."

Wilson said the question is whether Trump’s archetypal bump volition beryllium "sustainable implicit time."

"There’s going to beryllium a question among definite evangelical voters arsenic to whether oregon not this is thing they privation to wrapper themselves astir erstwhile it comes to Donald Trump. It’s a turnoff for immoderate people, particularly successful the evangelical community," Wilson said.


In New Hampshire, which votes 2nd successful the GOP superior schedule, Neil Levesque, longtime manager of the New Hampshire Institute of Politics, weighed in. 

"This volition mean that Trump is beforehand and halfway arsenic we spell into the nominating process, whether bully oregon bad. How overmuch of a distraction and however overmuch volition different candidates beryllium capable to get attraction is simply a large question," Levesque said.

"As this goes forward, however overmuch volition Republicans say, ‘Is this the champion campaigner we tin enactment guardant against Biden?’ Or volition they treble down and say, ‘He’s portion of our tribe, we request to get down him?' Those are the large unknowns."

Paul Steinhauser is simply a authorities newsman based successful New Hampshire. 

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