Intelligent Hockey Player Helmets - The Bearmind Helmet Detects for Injuries and More (

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The Bearmind helmet is an quality portion of information instrumentality for hockey players to assistance them enactment protected from injuries, portion besides keeping an oculus retired for signs of concussions and more.

The helmet was developed by the Switzerland-based startup by Mathieu Falbriard and Tom Bertrand successful affiliation with the EPFL probe institute, and functions conscionable similar a accepted hockey helmet. The helmet, however, is integrated with a tiny oval module that fits into the rear wherever it volition utilize a unit sensor, inertial measurement portion (IMU), artillery and Bluetooth spot to observe for issues. The helmet volition past relay this accusation successful real-time to the coach's smartphone disconnected the ice.

The accompanying app for the Bearmind helmet provides insights similar the severity of impacts based connected a scope of information to assistance coaches find if aesculapian attraction is required.

Image Credit: EPFL

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