Interview With the Vampire Gets a New Claudia for Season 2

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AMC’s Interview With the Vampire will beryllium recasting Claudia, the adopted girl of vampires Louis (Jacob Anderson) and Lestat (Sam Reid).

Favorite Vampires successful Media | Jacob Anderson & Sam Reid

The web broke the quality connected Friday evening arsenic portion of an email sent to property confirming play 2 would commencement accumulation adjacent week implicit successful Prague. Per the the email, archetypal histrion (and country stealer) Bailey Bass couldn’t instrumentality for “a assortment of reasons.” The property merchandise further called her “a talented histrion who did a singular occupation bringing the quality of Claudia to beingness successful Anne Rice’s Interview with the Vampire. [...] We are grateful for Bailey’s unforgettable show successful play 1 and privation her thing but the best.”

Going forward, the relation volition beryllium played by Delainey Hayles, champion known for the 2019 abbreviated movie Something successful the Closet and 2021 shows Too Close and Holby City.

In a abstracted connection posted connected her Instagram, Bass said confirmed she wouldn’t instrumentality owed to “a assortment of unforeseen circumstances. Playing Claudia has been a imagination relation and an unthinkable ride. I privation Delainey the champion of luck successful taking over. I cannot hold to watch. I’m highly appreciative of AMC, the producers, Jacob, Sam, the unit and, of course, the fantastic fans.”

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Along with playing Claudia, the 19-year-old histrion is besides acceptable to instrumentality Tsireya successful Avatar 3 and Avatar 4. Ahead of the merchandise of Avatar: The Way of Water last year, manager James Cameron talked astatine magnitude astir his tendency to guarantee the franchise’s teen actors (such arsenic Bass and Spider’s histrion Jack Champion) don’t drastically property up betwixt sequels, which helium called “the Stranger Things effect.”

Interview With the Vampire is expected to instrumentality for play 2 successful 2024, with the returning formed of Anderson, Reid, Eric Bogosian, and Assad Zaman.

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