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Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference 2023 kicks disconnected connected Monday, and Apple is expected to unveil iOS 17, the adjacent mentation of its bundle for iPhones, astatine the event. WWDC comes astir a period after Google I/O 2023, wherever Google showcased its adjacent smartphone software, Android 14.

In the US, iPhones precocious wrestled the crown distant from Androids arsenic the astir fashionable smartphone, but this comes aft much than a decennary of Android dominance. And Android reigns successful the planetary market, usually by wide margins. In South America, for example, Android represents astir 88% of each smartphones, and iPhones way with astir 11%, according to the IT tract SOS Support.

But for arsenic agelong arsenic Apple and Google person been warring similar Godzilla and King Kong for smartphone marketplace superiority, they've besides seemingly been stealing ideas from each other. For example, notification badges debuted connected iPhones, and Androids had location surface widgets agelong earlier iPhones, as Popular Science notes

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra

Apple and Android person seemingly been copying features from each different for years.

James Martin/CNET

That back-and-forth continued with Android 14, arsenic Android phones seemingly copied iPhones again with an updated Find My Device diagnostic and added chartless tracker alerts. We don't cognize what Apple has successful store for iOS 17, but we deliberation the institution should incorporated immoderate of the caller Android features into the software.

Here are the caller Android features I deliberation Apple should see successful iOS 17.

More fastener surface customization options

Lock surface customization was 1 of the astir important updates to onshore connected iPhones erstwhile iOS 16 was released successful September 2022. With iOS 17, I privation to spot Apple springiness iPhone users much customization options, similar Google is doing with Android 14. 

Android 14 volition fto users alteration the size and plan of their fastener screen's timepiece -- successful summation to its font benignant and colour -- and the bundle lets users adhd shortcuts to their fastener screen. Changing your fastener surface timepiece is bully -- you tin already alteration the font and colour of your iPhone's fastener surface timepiece -- but I'd truly similar to spot Apple adhd the quality to edit oregon adhd to the shortcuts connected the fastener screen. 

I regularly usage the flashlight shortcut, but I back-tap my iPhone to propulsion up the camera, truthful the camera shortcut doesn't get utilized arsenic much. Being capable to alteration that shortcut to my Wallet app, oregon a hunt shortcut, would beryllium large successful iOS 17.

iPhone fastener  surface  with temperature, AQI, Air Pods and Activity rings widgets

There are lone 4 fastener surface spaces for widgets successful the existent iOS.


It would besides beryllium bully if Apple added much widget spaces to the iPhone's fastener screen. With iOS 16, your iPhone has 4 grid spaces for widgets, and immoderate widgets, similar the Weather widget, instrumentality up 2 of those. It would beryllium large if iOS 17 gave you astatine slightest 4 much grid spaces for widgets, giving you much ways to entree your favourite apps.

AI-generated wallpapers

Android 14 volition usage artificial quality to fto users make customized wallpapers. People volition punctual their phone, which volition usage AI to make a fewer wallpaper options. It would beryllium large to spot Apple rotation retired AI-generated wallpapers successful iOS 17, but I'm not getting my hopes up. 

While other companies person begun processing their ain AI tools, Apple hasn't made immoderate nationalist announcements astir developing, oregon partnering with different institution to produce, specified tools.

"I bash deliberation it's precise important to beryllium deliberate and thoughtful successful however you attack these things," Apple's CEO Tim Cook said erstwhile asked astir generative AI connected the company's net call.

It's imaginable Apple volition present much AI tools and functions successful iOS 17, similar AI-generated wallpapers, but I wouldn't expect it. I'd stake Apple volition integrate AI tools into functions astir radical already use, similar Siri, first.

More emoji wallpaper customization options

Google announced astatine its I/O 2023 lawsuit that definite Pixel phones volition fto you make customized wallpapers utilizing emojis, but this isn't exclusive to Android 14. Users volition beryllium capable to take up to 14 emoji, the colour of the inheritance and the layout the emoji are acceptable in. But Apple already brought this diagnostic to iPhones. 

iOS 16 fastener  surface  with an emoji wallpaper

Emoji wallpapers are already disposable connected iPhones.

James Martin/CNET

To make a customized emoji wallpaper connected your iPhone, spell to Settings > Wallpaper > + Add New Wallpaper, and nether the Emoji conception are immoderate premade emoji wallpapers. Tap immoderate of these and you tin edit what emoji are used, the layout and the colour of the background. However, you tin prime lone up to six emoji. 

It would beryllium amusive if Apple allowed you to usage much emoji and gave you much than six layout options successful iOS 17 to further customize these wallpapers.

Cinematic wallpaper

Also not exclusive to Android 14, definite Pixel phones volition fto Android users make cinematic wallpapers. This diagnostic volition let radical to instrumentality a photograph and springiness definite elements of the photograph a extent effect. Once you've applied the effect, you tin displacement your Android instrumentality astir and the wallpaper elements volition displacement astir arsenic well, making your wallpaper look 3 dimensional.

Google's cinematic wallpaper diagnostic   for the Pixel

Cinematic wallpapers connected Pixel devices volition springiness definite wallpapers a three-dimensional look.

Screenshot by CNET

Apple introduced a akin fastener surface diagnostic successful iOS 7, and this diagnostic morphed into Perspective Zoom successful immoderate iOS 16 betas. However, the diagnostic is nary longer disposable successful caller iOS 16 updates. Apple does fto you use a extent effect to your fastener screen, but that conscionable places your timepiece down definite wallpaper elements. Enabling this besides disables your fastener surface widgets. 

Cinematic wallpapers connected your iPhone would beryllium a bully interaction to see successful iOS 17, and they'd marque immoderate wallpapers connected your location and fastener surface truly basal out. And if Apple doesn't let cinematic wallpapers successful iOS 17, it would beryllium large if the institution astatine slightest allowed widgets to enactment connected your fastener surface erstwhile your extent effect was turned on.

For much connected Apple's mobile software, cheque retired what CNET's Patrick Holland hopes is included successful iOS 17, what could beryllium coming to your iPhone successful iOS 16.6 and what caller features you get successful iOS 16.5

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