Jammy Sandwich Ice Creams - Baskin-Robbins Has a New PB ‘n J Ice Cream for April 2023 (TrendHunter.com)

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Baskin-Robbins is turning a classical puerility repast into a delicious caller dessert with the motorboat of its caller PB ‘n J crystal cream.

The caller PB ‘n J crystal pick is Baskin-Robbins' breathtaking caller Flavor of the Month for April 2023. As you mightiness person guessed from the name, the caller crystal pick is meant to sensation conscionable similar a classical peanut food and jelly sandwich. The creamy frozen dessert starts with a operation of brownish butter-flavored crystal pick and creaseless peanut food crystal cream, each of which is swirled with saccharine grape jelly. As Baskin-Robbins' Director of Product Research & Development, Jeanne Bolger,, explains: "Nothing sparks much joyousness than the nostalgic sensation of peanut food and jelly, which is wherefore we decided to enactment a modern twist connected the tasty and timeless dainty with our caller PB ‘n J Ice Cream."

Image Credit: Baskin-Robbins

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