Joe Exotic Taunts Trump From Prison: ‘I Will Save You A Bunk And A Bed Roll’

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Disgraced zookeeper and “Tiger King” prima Joe Exotic connected Tuesday reveled successful the quality that 1 of Donald Trump’s White House insiders could go a cardinal witnesser against him.

The New York Times reported earlier successful the time that Mark Meadows, who served arsenic Trump’s White House main of staff, testified earlier a national expansive assemblage investigating Trump’s attempts to enactment successful bureau contempt losing the 2020 predetermination and the classified documents scandal.

The paper noted that Meadows has mostly disappeared from the nationalist oculus “and immoderate of Mr. Trump’s advisers judge helium could beryllium a important witnesser successful the inquiries.”

The investigations into Trump look to beryllium picking up steam, with multiple observers saying an indictment could beryllium imminent, perchance for obstruction of justice and different imaginable charges.

MSNBC’s Lawrence O’Donnell said past period that the imaginable obstruction charges unsocial carry a imaginable situation sentence of up to 20 years.

Exotic, tweeting from situation ― oregon with the assistance of idiosyncratic tweeting connected his behalf ― wrote:

Exotic, existent sanction Joseph Maldonado-Passage, is serving a 22-year situation sentence for attempting to prosecute a hitman to execution rival Carole Baskin arsenic good arsenic aggregate national wildlife violations.

He didn’t, and a publication published past twelvemonth claimed it’s astatine slightest successful portion due to the fact that Meadows nixed it.

“Yeah, that doesn’t dependable similar thing we ought to beryllium progressive in,” Meadows was quoted arsenic telling Trump successful the publication cowritten by Brian Morgenstern, who was a lawman property caput successful the Trump White House.

Exotic has since called connected President Joe Biden to pardon him, besides unsuccessfully, and is present moving for the bureau himself from down bars.

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