Joshua calls out Fury after win over Franklin

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By Jim Calfa: Anthony Joshua says helium wants Tyson Fury adjacent pursuing his 12 circular unanimous determination triumph implicit Jermaine Franklin connected Saturday nighttime astatine the O2 Arena successful London.

Joshua (25-3, 22 KOs) says the shot is successful WBC heavyweight champion Fury’s tribunal if helium wants to combat him next. Either way, Joshua says he’ll beryllium returning to campy to combat this Summer, beryllium it against Fury, Dillian Whyte, oregon Deontay Wilder.

Tonight, Joshua dominated Franklin (21-2, 14 KOs), handing him his 2nd consecutive defeat, winning by the scores 118-111, 117-111 and 117-111.

Anthony Joshua: “You cognize me, I effort to supply for the fans. I cognize who the fans want. Who bash the fans want?”

Ade Oladipo: “You heard them? They said, ‘Fury.'”

Joshua: “They said, ‘Fury?’

Oladipo: “Yeah.”

Joshua: “The balls successful his court. I would 100% beryllium honored to vie for the WBC heavyweight title of the world. I basal present and accidental proudly that it would beryllium an honor.

“So wherever you are if you’re listening, you cognize my manager and my promoter. We’ve had dialect before, truthful let’s proceed truthful we tin get this connected sooner alternatively than later. We’re not getting immoderate younger.

“I can’t hold to get backmost to Texas to make and propulsion connected due to the fact that there’s a bigger combat due to the fact that 1 combat leads connected to another. I can’t hold to get to the adjacent large fight,” said Joshua.

Oladipo: “Eddie, you knew I was going to inquire astir Tyson Fury, and you heard the response. This was the archetypal combat aft back-to-back defeats, and you heard the response.

“Do you spell with Tyson Fury next? Do you got with a Dillian Whyte next? What bash you bash next?”

Eddie Hearn: “I deliberation AJ is going to privation the biggest fights.  Tonight was a measurement down from Oleksandr Usyk., but there’s been a immense magnitude of unit connected him. He’s been training, and helium took himself distant for a combat with Derrick James. I felt helium ended the combat well.

“He’s learning a batch and moving connected a lot, but similar you said, they’re not getting immoderate younger. We would beryllium consenting to entertain those conversations present to spell consecutive into a Tyson Fury combat successful the summer.

“You’ve got Dillian Whyte down there, Deontay Wilder, you’ve got a batch of bully fights. I deliberation he’s going to amended nether Derrick James. There’s a batch of unit and improvements to make, and he’s going to privation the large fights arsenic well.”

Oladipo: “Anthony, erstwhile are we going to spot you next? You promised maine that we were going to spot you successful the summer. You’re consecutive connected the level going backmost to Texas. Does that mean we’re going to spot you backmost successful campy successful the summer?”

Joshua: “Yes, you volition spot maine backmost successful the summertime for sure. Thank you, Eddie, for the opportunity. You’ll decidedly spot maine successful the summer.”

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