Judy Blume Annihilates Book Ban Efforts With Scathing Takedown

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Judy Blume ripped attempts to prohibition books and described what “books are each about” during an interrogation published by Variety connected Friday.

Blume weighed successful connected book bans arsenic attempts to situation literate materials successful schools and nationalist libraries reached a grounds precocious successful 2022, according to a study from the American Library Association.

The iconic author, who’s known arsenic an activistic against publication prohibition efforts, has seen respective of her books challenged implicit the years including “Forever...” and “Are You There God? It’s Me, Margaret.”

Blume told Variety that the challenges “all broke loose” pursuing the predetermination of President Ronald Reagan but argued that efforts to prohibition books contiguous are different.

“It was atrocious successful the ’80s, but it wasn’t coming from the government. Today, determination are laws being enacted wherever a librarian tin spell to situation if she oregon helium is recovered blameworthy of having pornography connected their shelves,” Blume said.

“Try and specify pornography contiguous and you’ll find that it’s everything.”

Judy Blume arrives astatine  the 40th Annual Miami Film Festival's premiere of "Judy Blume Forever" connected  March 4 successful  Coral Gables, Florida.
Judy Blume arrives astatine the 40th Annual Miami Film Festival's premiere of "Judy Blume Forever" connected March 4 successful Coral Gables, Florida.

Photo by Ivan Apfel/Getty Images

Blume’s comments travel aft Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis claimed that efforts to region books from authorities classrooms lone interaction “pornographic and inappropriate” materials, a assertion that literate radical PEN America declared mendacious successful a station past month.

The author, a nonmigratory of Key West, Florida, has spoken retired against GOP-backed efforts successful the state, arsenic well.

Blume, successful her interrogation with Variety, referred to politician-led attempts to situation books arsenic “the existent danger.”

“What are you protecting your children from? Protecting your children means educating them and arming them with knowledge, and speechmaking and supporting what they privation to read,” Blume said.

“No kid is going to go transgender oregon cheery oregon lesbian due to the fact that they work a book. It’s not going to happen. They whitethorn say, ‘Oh, this is conscionable similar me. This is what I’m feeling and reasoning about.’ Or, ‘I’m funny successful this due to the fact that I person friends who whitethorn beryllium gay, bi, lesbian.’ They privation to know.”

Blume aboriginal praised 1 publication – Maia Kobabe’s frequently-challenged memoir “Gender Queer” – for offering her penetration into a beingness different than her own.

“I thought, ‘This young idiosyncratic is telling maine however they came to beryllium what they are today.’ And I learned a lot, and became adjacent much empathetic,” she said.

“That’s what books are each about.”’

You tin work much of Blume’s interrogation with Variety here.

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