Junji Ito's Bloodsucking Darkness Manga is Getting a Film Adaptation

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Panel from Junji Ito's Bloodsucking Darkness showing Nami looking astatine  a flock of vampire bats.

Image: Junji Ito

Junji Ito is 1 of the biggest fearfulness creators successful manga, and his agelong vocation has led to numerous adaptations of his work. While overmuch of it arsenic of precocious has been successful anime form, respective stories specified arsenic Scarecrow and Uzumaki have been adapted successful unrecorded action.

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The adjacent manga of his to get the adaptation attraction is Bloodsucking Darkness. Per Variety, the abbreviated communicative of the aforesaid sanction volition beryllium brought to movie written and enforcement produced by Jeff Howard (Midnight Mass, Haunting of Hill House. At clip of writing, a manager hasn’t been locked in, but Fangoria Studios volition beryllium backing the film, and further plans to besides accommodate 2 different projects from Ito’s vampire anthology, Smashed. Said Ito (who’ll beryllium producing the film), “I’m truthful excited to spot however it volition crook out. I anticipation I get to spot the trailer successful my dreams tonight.”

Speaking to Variety, Howard had praise for the root material, saying helium “chased aft [Bloodsucking Darkness] with everything I had. When I recovered retired a unrecorded enactment Junji Ito adaptation was going to hap [...] I conscionable couldn’t unrecorded with anyone other getting determination earlier me.”

Originally released arsenic portion of the Voices successful the Dark anthology backmost successful 2003, Bloodsucking Darkness centers connected Nami, a young pistillate with an eating upset who starts to vomit blood. Her beingness takes a crook erstwhile she meets Kazuya, and the 2 signifier a enslaved earlier things...take immoderate turns for the some of them, with vampire bats besides getting progressive successful the mix. The communicative has been reprinted galore times nether antithetic titles specified arsenic Blood-Slurping Darkness or The Dark Drinks Blood.

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Until Bloodsucking Darkness hits theaters (or Shudder), there’s different adaptations of Junji Ito’s enactment to ticker online, oregon adjacent play successful immoderate cases. The astir caller of the clump is Junji Ito Maniac: Japanese Tales of the Macabre, which deed Netflix backmost successful January.

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